Lt Col Fehrenbach re: barry’s reception (video)

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July 2, 2009

Lt Choi posts/interviews

Video clips of barry’s June 30th teleprompter reception commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn police raid (June 28, 1969), which went on to spark the gay rights movement. TEXT of remarks.

Folks are not so happy with barry. It started during the primaries when he refused to talk with the Philadelphia gay newspaper, which left white space where barry’s interview should have been. Then Prop 8, Rick Warren, Iraq, Eric Holder’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) brief likening gay marriage to incest and now DADT.

barry, who vowed to stop DADT during his campaign of false Hope! and Change! and Transparency! is passing the buck to Congress. From his own words  it’s clear he has no intention of intervening in any way.

Over 250 servicemembers have been discharged since barry could have done something to stop it.

Several high profile gay activists boycotted a DNC – Joe Biden fundraiser in Washington, saying: “the GayTM is closed.”


And in a language barry understands.


Lt Col Fehrenbach: The young officers and enlisted servicemembers he works with find it a non-issue so the “generational gap” excuse seems feasible to him. He was skeptical going in. It was the first time barry spoke about it as president so he got renewed hope.

I hope LC Fehrenbach didn’t read the transcript – because no where does barry say that he personally believes DADT is wrong and that he personally will work to get it done.

Allison Stewart wondered if  it was just an appeasement of the gay community and associated photo op.

It was another chance for barry to celebrate the anniversary of something.

And this is how far they have gone to strip Lt Col Fehrenbach of his identity. Although he is still an active duty member of the military, he was told that morning he could not wear his uniform because they considered it “a political event”. An 18 year active member of the military was told he could not wear his uniform to an event at the White House hosted by his Commander in Chief.

How can his superiors do this in good conscience to a decorated pilot?

Who gave the order? barry?

A man handpicked to guard the skies over the Pentagon after it was attacked on 911 will be discharged by the very same people he was handpicked to protect.

Where is the rationality?

Because Lt Col Victor Fehrenbach and Lt Dan Choi and others will be/have been discharged from the military – how many husbands, wives, fathers,  mothers, brothers and sisters have been/will be less protected?

Some relative will be going into combat in Iraq without the leadership and experience of an Arabic-speaking, West Point graduate with two tours of combat in Iraq. Some other relative will not be lead into combat by a decorated fighter pilot, who has the judgment and experience of a 18 year veteran with over 2100 total flying hours, including 400 hours of actual combat. The value of an experience pilot was made clear with Capt Sullenberger’s successful water landing.

Lt Col Fehrenbach is irreplaceable. His dismissal will directly weaken the United States Air Force by one fighter pilot.

How is this acceptable to the Commander in Chief?

And why should a man who has served with distinction for 18 years – who has put his life directly on the line at least 88 times – be discharged for something that has nothing to do with how he or anyone else in his squadron carry out their missions?

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