8th of 9 UK Embassy employees to be released

July 14, 2009

I realize there are some Iran posts missing – especially about the doctor who witnessed Neda’s murder. And I can’t find a post with pix. The doctor is why they seized the embassy workers. I need to find out what happened to him. His parents still lived in Tehran and he had some type of office there.

Iran is releasing the eighth embassy worker, leaving behind the Embassy’s Chief Political Analyst, who has been charged with crimes against the state “acting against national security”. Is the punishment beheading or hanging? All nine were native Iranians.

The Supremely Impotent Leader AYATOLLAH ALI KHAMENEI:

Some leaders of Western countries at the level of president, prime minister and foreign minister openly intervened in Iran’s internal affairs that had nothing to do with them. Then, they said they don’t intervene in Iran’s internal affairs.

Why don’t they get this isn’t going to work anymore?

The last thing barry did was meddle. And the world saw with its own eyes what happened. The media censorship, the internet shut down and the disruption of cellphone service.

We all saw Neda. We saw her calmly standing there. We saw her murdered.

And then we heard/are still hearing the lame propaganda: first the protesters shot Neda…then it was the CIA…now foreign governments with inside connections.

They continue to lie when they know an reliable eyewitness – a native Iranian/doctor/once journalist/now publisher in the UK – already gave unimpeachable video testimony of what happened to the BBC. He spoke without the need of a translator in fine English and the horror in his face and the details he gave could not be faked.

He saw Neda’s wound. He tried to stop the blood from spurting out. A single shot from the front with no exit wounds. Shot in the chest and not the head where they said they found the bullet. The doctor said she was buried so quickly he didn’t see how they could have done an autopsy.

The crowd detained a man whose papers made him Basij. He spontaneously confessed without being attacked. They took his papers and pix and let him go. I hope his name and pix and maybe even pix of his ID papers made it out through cellphone.



The Iranian regime must be clear that if this action continues and we are forced to act, we will act together with our European partners.

I’m glad that is “European” partners.

Foreign Secretary DAVIS MILIBAND:

That leaves one more in custody and all of our efforts are now directed towards getting that person out….The allegations of improper conduct have absolutely no basis.

AHMAD JANNATIM – leader of the Iran’s supreme legislative body the Guardian Council (their Supreme Court):

The British Embassy had a presence and some people were arrested.

Well, inevitably they will be put on trial. They have made confessions too.


It is very important that my anger, my cold anger, about the way our staff have been treated… doesn’t turn into a rhetorical volley at the Iranian regime, because that doesn’t do anything either for our people or for reform in Iran. What’s important is that I turn my anger into determination to see that justice is done by our people.


Video: Foreign Secretary DAVIS MILIBAND


Vodpod videos no longer available.


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