Re: rant of birther hater

Another missing post

June 24, 2009

birth certificate posts

A reader sent us an opening paragraph from an anti-birther rant with a link and nothing else. I’m not sure why or what the intent was to be. I went and read the rest of it was more of the same. Why the anger and why the continued fascination when barry’s president?

Why the expenditure of such energy on something that is just BS brought up by mutant offspring of nutcases and fruit loops and [barry’s Cabinet] mixed with the DNA of tax cheatswho are “all left to stew in their own juices of ignorance, racism, hatred, and sheer mind-bleeding stupidity.”

What is the tone of these words?

There is a degree of hate that jumps off the page and if “nutcases” and “froot loops” were exchanged with two ethnic groups what else would it be but racist speech?

I didn’t see the reasons why the poster thinks the birth certificate issue is such racist stupidity, when they — like Rachel Maddow — blame “birthers” for the unprovoked Holocaust violence carried out by that hate-filled old man, who spent half a century talking to anyone who would listen about his hate for Jews and Blacks while he reveled in the extermination feats of his one-testicled leader. Blaming folks for an issue that began and remains an issue for one reason and one reason only, that is the fault of one person and one person only, and is something that could be forever put to rest (in 3-5 business days and with less than $20) by that same one person and only one person only is the definition of “mind-bleeding stupidity” and is the one and only reason why I posted this.

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