Lou Dobbs re: Major Cook

July 20, 2009

birth certificate posts

My browser crashed and with it this post. It gets so demoralizing to have to redo these or try the find ones that went missing besides all of the time that’s wasted. So the discussion is gone.

Here’s a 2-minute news bit done by Lou Dobbs on his July 15, 2009 CNN show about the Major Cook case. (If you’re unaware – follow the link above or check thse sidebar for posts.)

As you know, Lou Dobbs is not exactly a friend of barry’s (and vice versa) and is supposed to be an Independent who investigates issues and yet he is completely uninformed about the birth certificate issue. He says “new questions are being raised” and he’s outraged that the COLB is not a birth certificate and that barry refuses to release his actual birth certificate. He evidently believed factcheck when they wrote that the COLB was the birth certificate. I’m not sure if he’s been enlightened to the fact that factcheck is related to barry and in no way reliable. Neither is Snopes – who just changes information on their “factchecking” when convenient – like the hospital barry was allegedly born in.  And Fight The Smears.com that was set up specifically to address the birth certificate issue is completely gone – not even in the cache – thanks to barry’s google buddies. Kitty Pilgrim’s little bit (getting to next) on Major Cook was riddled with nonfacts (lies).

When are folks going to realize that the “factcheckers” and “researchers” for these segments (even on FOX) are barrybots and that if they want to discover the actual truth they have to look for themselves?

Video from Crooks and Liars

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well, new questions are being raised about the president’s eligibility to be president. THE Latest from U.S. army reserve major Stefan Cook who refused deployment to Afghanistan, proclaimed his orders were illegal because President Obama wasn’t born in United States which makes him ineligible to be president and commander in chief. The major’s orders for deployment to Afghanistan were rescinded. An army spokeswoman told us the major volunteered to go to Afghanistan and could rescind his request at any time up to his deployment. This is what the army said.

[On screen statement: Army Spokesman, Lt Col Maria Quon:] Based on the fact that he no longer wished to serve on active duty and at the request of central command his orders were revoked on July 14.

Now the major’s attorney is challenging the legitimacy of the Obama presidency in court. She joins a lawsuit by former presidential candidate Alan Keys who wants documentary proof the president was born in the United States. President Obama was born in Hawaii according to state officials and copies of his certification of birth, factcheck.org, investigating those circumstances prior to the election and they have a copy of what they say is the original birth certificate posted on their website. It is in fact the so-called short form, not the original document. It is really a document saying that the state of Hawaii has the real document in its possession. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs in May said Hawaii provided a copy of the birth certificate with the state seal that’s posted on the internet.

Documentary proof need to run by office, by the way, varies from state to state. The Federal Election Commission, you may be surprised to learn, does not require any kind of certification or proof of citizenship in running for president. They leave that to the state. And in the state of Illinois, for example, where President Obama first ran for office, proof of citizenship is not required prior to the state legislature or to run for congress or for the United States senate.

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