Roland Martin: birthers “are right up there with Holocaust deniers”

July 22, 2009

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Ah. Roland Martin. Haven’t read one of his “commentaries” in a while and unfortunately barrypropaganda isn’t around anymore, who had a special fondness for “Rolly” and nominated him to the Most Ignorant media list. Strange that Martin chose to rant about birthers instead of Professor Gates. And it’s a true rant. Not a single fact is discussed – well, he includes Factcheck’s claim that they saw the “original birth certificate”. That should tell you are little he knows about anything.

He mentions the Rep Castle video and says “we have a serious problem with mental illness in this country” and that “the nut jobs that continue to promote this story are wacky, right-wing radio and TV talk shows hosts and no-credibility bloggers” who “actually want us to believe this story has legs”.

The story has legs because they keep giving it ones. They keep bringing it up. It’s never gone away. He says Judge Carter – who agreed to hear the merits of Alan Keyes’ case — “simply wanted to see for himself how delusional they are”. A federal judge needs entertainment? And the Supreme Court Justices?

And then he says a few things that are interesting. Very interesting.

What cracks me up is that in order to justify their loony beliefs, they say, “The president could just end this once and for all by producing the birth certificate.”

Do you actually believe these wackos will stop there? They will then accuse the president of doctoring the document and ordering up the state of Hawaii and federal officials to create the birth certificate.

The next thing you know, one of those nut job right-wingers in Congress — and yes, there are left-wing nut jobs as well — will demand a federal investigation into the production of the birth certificate.

Yes. It would all go away if he produced his long form birth certificate. So why hasn’t he? No one can answer this. It never would have been an issue had he released it from the beginning but they don’t seem to grasp that obvious fact. And he mentions the possibility of forgery and quo warranto. Most curious. Why?

Then he says “reporters and researchers concluded that Obama was born in the United States” and quotes Factcheck who said they “have now seen, touched, examined and photographed the original birth certificate.”

Even the most rabid birther haters by now know that the “original birth certificate” has been seen only by 2 people: Dr Fukino and another Hawaii official. Factcheck was referring to the COLB, which has never been connected to the original birth certificate that Dr Fukino accounted for. The “factchecker” called the document they were vetting by the wrong name illegitimizing their “conclusion”.

And the folks who use Factcheck’s words to back up their rants about people who are crazy?

And then barry should just ignore the folks he promised to be honest and transparent with.

President Obama is right to ignore these losers. They are right up there with Holocaust deniers like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the people who insist that the landing on the moon was done in a television studio.

Sound familiar? As in Rachel Maddow ranting that birthers were responsible for the evil perpetrated in the Holocaust Museum? Chris Matthews just said the same thing to Rudy Guiliani.

Talk about ignorance, hate, fearmongering and conspiracy theorists.


Conspiracy theorists are everywhere. It’s just that today, we have to deal with the Internet and all the mess that is disseminated in the name of so-called transparency.


Interesting use of the word. Where’s barry’s so-called transparency? If he actually was transparent and produced his birth certificate – contrary to Rolly’s rant – this would not be an issue…provided it was legit.

And who put it on the internet in the first place? Who put it out there in the name of transparency?

Yo, Rolly, what happened to the FightTheSmears website?

2 Responses to “Roland Martin: birthers “are right up there with Holocaust deniers””

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Again, why the need for insults?

    If you took the time to even read what this site was about you would know that we are not affiliated with any political party, organization or candidate.

    You would also know that our beef is not with barry.

    You would know that I don’t care what is even on that piece of paper or where he was born.

    And you would know that him not producing a copy does not mean he is not eligible nor does it necessarily mean he was not born in Hawaii.

    I care that the media has not asked him to produce a copy.

    I care that even after last week they still have not asked for him to produce it.

    I care that they continue to lie and wave that one-sided worthless piece of paper around proclaiming that it is the birth certificate — it isn’t.

    I care that no one knows the actual physical birthplace of the President of the United States. That no one knows his school history. And that no one knows his medical history.


    Because he refuses to release them and has been fighting their release in court for the last 11 months all the while claiming transparency.

    The MSM has not vetted him and that is wrong.

    Call me whatever names make you feel better it will not change the fact that barry has not released his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    No one has seen it besides Dr Fukino and her male health dept colleague.

    That means no media outlets – no one.

    What the “factcheckers” examined was a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth. And that is what the media waves around. It is not a birth certificate. Period.

    This is an outright lie:

    The State of Hawai’i has released photos & copies to anyone willing to examine them.

    And so is this:

    Every major media outlet has had a chance to examine the document, and have reported on it’s authenticity

    barry supplied one copy to KOS -> Fight the Smears (which is no longer online even though it existed precisely to settle the birth certificate issue) Factcheck -> Politifact – > Janice Okubo.

    The lawyers in every single case have asked for a copy of that COLB on the internet to have it forensically examined and he has refused to supply it. He has refused to allow a nonpartisan site look at it. That is what lead to the request for his birth certificate.

    The fact that you wrote that shows how little you know and yet you can scream and insult me.

    4) Please, please, DO YOUR RESEARCH

    It’s sad.

    Factcheck is worthless. barry worked for Annenberg for years.

    No one in Hawaii has vouched for that COLB barry posted. No one.

    Janice Okubo the Health Dept spokeswoman who folks quote like God was sent a copy of the COLB (if Hawaii had released copies to anyone she wouldn’t have had to get it from a barry source, would she?) and she said she was unable to say what the image represented. Period.

    She also did not ever say – nor did Dr Fukino – that the state of Hawaii sent barry that COLB.

    It’s origin is completely unvouched for and yet the MSM waves it around like it’s an authentic document. You have a copy of a COLB and don’t know the difference between that and a birth certificate – so how is the general population supposed to know unless they research it themselves?

    Dr Fukino vouched for the birth certificate. Period. She said absolutely nothing about what was on it. Period. Read that statement again. She never says he was born in Hawaii. And she said absolutely nothing about the COLB.

    They exists as two completely different entities. Period.

    There is absolutely no proof he was born in Kapiolani. Zero.

    [Unless Gibbs said something today – I haven’t read the briefing yet.]

    Kapiolani just took down from their website a letter they said was from barry that stated he was born there. It had been posted online since the inauguration. They refuse to say anything about.

    Other websites have changed the site of barry’s birth within the last 3 weeks.

    Bottom line: No one knows where he was born – his actual physical birthplace.

    Local lore means nothing – the locals in Kenya swear he was born there too.

    I find it very sad folks rant and rave when they don’t know the facts when they don’t know there is a difference between a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth (COLB) and a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth (birth certificate).

    The MSM doesn’t know the difference nor do the “factcheckers”.

    It’s what makes folks angry.

    The CERTIFICATION of Live Birth (COLB) he released is not a birth CERTIFICATE. Period.

    And the COLB has not even been vouched for by the State of Hawaii as an authentic COLB.

    That is fact.

    That specific COLB, as it exists on the internet, is a completely worthless legal document. They don’t even provide a full back page.

    Your comments about racists pigs were written here and directed here.

    “guess what rascist pigs”


    Do you people even realize how crazy you are? It’s like when someone has severe dimension or schizophrenia, they just simply don’t know they are crazy, but they also won’t believe it if you try to tell them that tthey are crazy.


    I’m sick of you nutbars!


    The only thing more absolutely crazy than your conspiracy theory is YOU…..



    And considering how little of what you wrote was factual?

    OK Mattie, you obviously need special extra attention in class, so let me school you properly.

  2. mattie14 Says:

    Hello Michael.

    Why the need to insult?

    Do you realize how that taints everything you say?

    Get over the “racists pigs”.

    Do you realize by saying that you are just as bad as folks who are actual racists?

    1 – There is no proof he was born in Kapiolani.

    2 – Robert Gibbs cannot name what hospital he was born in.

    3 – Your children do not need to be natural born citizens to do anything.

    4 – Virtually identical means nothing. Spokeswoman from the Hawaii Dept of Health could not say what that image on the website was.

    5 – You say your children have a “Certificate of Live Birth”?

    Thier “Certificate of Live Birth” (i.e. “Birth Certificate”) is virtually IDENTICAL to that of our President in every way!!!

    You are mixed up on the terms unless you yourself have seen barry’s birth certificate.

    What barry has shown is a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth.

    Not a CERTIFICATE of Live Birth which is the birth certificate.

    They are two different things.

    He has said he has a copy of his birth certificate. He could have posted that. He did not.

    The questions remain that no one who likes and chooses to call folks names can answer:

    1 – What hospital was he born in?

    2 – Why hasn’t he just released his birth certificate?

    This would not be an issue if barry would have just produced it last August. He is the reason this is still an issue.

    And why hasn’t the media just asked him for a copy to finish it once and for all?

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