We are not “birthers”

July 21, 2009

birth certificate posts

Hello Mr Jake Calliero:

We are not affiliated with any political party, organization, candidate, movement, cause or other website. Our original site (established Aug 2008) is still on Blogger – we came over here in mid-December because google wouldn’t crawl us. Since then we’ve gone from citizens to citizen because of the disgust with the media and the disgusting comments made by people who are ignorant of the facts concerning barry’s eligibility and the birth certificate issue. I don’t blame my fellow citizens for having enough. We accomplished what we set out to do – document and prove the pro-obama media bias.

We are not “birthers” – whoever they are nowadays. Anyone who looks at the issue with a 5 y/o’s curiosity is called one. We did not set out to cover the birth certificate issue – it just has become the most glaring proof of the media’s lack of (and continued resistance to) vetting the most powerful man in the world.

I don’t care what is on that sheet of paper. I care that he is hiding something. I care that the media is going out of their way to not investigate and prefer to attack regular Americans who just want the question answered. I care that more Americans don’t see the insanity of all this. Meaning if he had just produced the document last August – this would not still be a problem.

Imagine if it were Hillary Clinton. Would this still be an issue? There’s your media bias without need for polls.

The media does not know if the President of the United States is in fact a citizen of the United States. Nor do they know what kind of medical and/or psychiatric conditions the man who can start a nuclear was has, has had, or is predisposed to. And they do not know what foreign sources (governments, individuals, groups) illegally contributed to his campaign. On and on it goes.

What is truly incomprehensible is that the overwhelming majority of The American People aren’t demanding that the media do their job and the minority who are are being attacked.

And as much as folks would like to believe they do – no one knows who barry is. The information available – as scant as it is – is mostly derived from him. He secluded his grandmother, his sister prefers not to talk, his “autobiography” is riddled with lies – most telling his fairy tale about the exact moment he has his racial awakening – his records – school, medical and professional are unknown, unreleased and this far unsubpoenable, and he seems to have made no friends independent of politics.

How does this “charismatic” man go through life and have no friends?

And as much as some folks would like to believe “evidence” presently exists in the public domain that proves barry is a citizen – native, natural born, naturalized or not at all – there is none.

Evidence meaning verifiable, corroboratable, not derived from barry, admissible in a court of law proof.

Newspaper notices from the 60’s, one-sided computer images of a non-certified, not proven to have come from the Hawaiian officials COLB, factchecks done by barry sympathizers, who don’t know the correct name of the document they’re allegedly vetting and statements from a spokeswoman in Hawaii, who has not seen barry’s original birth certificate are all worthless in a court of law.

No one even knows what hospital he was born in – including WH Pressman Robert Gibbs – and yet they are all certain he was born there.

Until barry releases a copy of his long form birth certificate – which, yes, he can get – there will always be questions. The main one being: Why doesn’t he just release it? Which no one can answer.

So, since it’s just down to me – it takes a while to get everything posted – especially when a video has to be hand transcribed. I’m working on Kitty Pilgrim, Lou Dobbs Radio, Rep Posey and Matthews.

In the meantime, enjoy one of our readers’ kind sentiments.

Thanks for saying hi.

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