Axelrod re: birth certificate issue “silly” & “trite”

July 23, 2009

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Hardball was on a full day rant yesterday against the birthers following his Tuesday attack on Rep John Campbell, co-sponsor of Rep Posey’s barry soetoro birth certificate bill. barry’s minions were out full force fighting for face time and Matthews asked David Axelrod what he thought about the birthers in Congress. His answer was revealing.

I can’t help but think of two things when I see Axelrod: Vampire movies and Just for Men hair coloring. Well, then there are all the lies and the fact that he’s a lobbyist and was working as one while barry proclaimed no lobbyists! except for those who work for him…

Video MSNBC – hand-transcribed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Matthews still doesn’t understand the Constitutional difference between native born and natural born citizen.

MATTHEWS: What do you make of these members of the US Congress, including Senator Shelby, who are out there saying they don’t know whether Barack Obama is legitimate as president – that they don’t know whether he’s a native born American or not?

Axelrod seems to know the question was coming. He smiles [without showing teeth] and spews the usual line of The American People have better things to worry about…Thing is more and more of The American People are not only worried – they’re getting way past frustrated being called wackos and nutjobs for just asking barry to do what he claims he is doing: being transparent.

Axelrod’s body language is always fun to watch. With all the lying he’s done he still gives himself away. His main tells are his head movements and his (Pavarotti) eyebrows, which go up when he’s being deceptive. He shakes and nods the truth when the words are the opposite. He’s not much of a blinker – like Blagojevich – so it’s very meaningful when he does like this interview about Secretary Clinton – he was closing his eyes trying not to think about it. His speech pattern slows and he repeats words and uh, uh, uhs like barry. Watch with the sound off, then on without looking, and then watch and listen while focusing on his facial expressions as he speaks.

AXELROD: Well, [shakes head] I gotta tell you Chris, given the problems we have to deal with in this country, and the struggles that people [eyebrows up] are going through in their daily lives, I would think they would be awfully frustrated [shakes head] that time [eyebrows up] was being wasted on something as, uh, [mini eyebrow] as, as, silly and, uh, [shakes head] uh, trite as that. [Blink]

Interesting how he makes sure to bring in McCain. Listen how he hurries past the words “constitutionally qualified” not pausing to end the sentence so he can get the “issues were resolved” in the same breath.

AXELROD: Uh, I thought [shakes head] we left this behind [eyebrows] when, uh, in the campaign when people were challenging [eyebrows up] both McCain and [nods] Obama over whether they were constitutionally [shakes head] qualified. [no pause] Those issues were resolved [brings hands forward] and it’s a heck [big eyebrows and head movement] of a time to resurface them.

I bet.

That’s another thing that is getting folks truly pist – it’s not “resurfacing”. It never went away and it certainly never got resolved. The media decided to get involved again. The question is why?

So they can say that it got brought up and they took a fresh look at it?

Has anyone heard a member of the barrymedia ask why barry doesn’t just produce it and be done with it?

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