ED Show’s “Psycho Talk”: Lou Dobbs & the birthers

July 22, 2009

birth certificate posts

MSNBC is in a full court press panic on the birth certificate issue. What happens when Rezko starts talking about blago, which also includes barry? When Fitzgerald goes after Pattti Blagojevich, forcing Blago to say what he needs to say in order to keep one parent with the girls? When they stop and actually look at all the manipulation of the websites having to do with barry — including the White House’s? When they investigate his claims of transparency and see what a mockery he has made of it? And on and on…

So this is The Ed Show. No idea who this dude is. Is he the Democratic version of Rush Limbaugh? He has that pink-faced plumpness of a well-fed Republican. Ok, in all seriousness, I don’t know who he is or what his schtick is — other than false outrage. He’s trying to be like the twins: Herr Olbermann & Ms Maddow, who have that ranting righteous indignation down to an art form and ED is falling woefully short. Word to ED: try a more casual approach (to go along with the title of your show) because it’s very hard to take you seriously – even by MSNBC standards.

ED has a bit called “Psycho Talk” that appears to be a daily segment. Is he aware of how that reflects on him? Just like Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” bit reflects his poor self-image in that he needs to find and detail the sins of three people every day so he can feel better about himself. And as much as his venom disgusts me, as much as his intentional hate adds to the evil in the world, as much as his gyne envy castration anxiety despicableness incenses me, when he gets to that segment, I realize how empty he must feel inside and why he needs to scream to be heard.

So ED’s “Psycho Talk” was aimed at Lou Dobbs, who despite his claims of investigation and distrust of barry, is just now realizing that the “factchecks” have been lying and barry has never released his long form birth certificate.

“Psycho Talk Birther Control”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

ED: Lou Dobbs?!?!

Yes, he has officially joined the right wing conspiracy theory crazies. Speaking on his radio show – which not many people listen to – Dobbs actually promotes the fringe birther’s movement. He questioned whether President Obama is an American citizen and repeatedly says the President needs to quote, produce a birth certificate?

Dobbs go so far as to suggest President Obama may be undocumented.


[Lou Dobbs Radio Show, July 20.]

LOU DOBBS: Should he produce his birth certificate – the long form – the read deal?

Should he be a little more forthcoming?

What’s the deal? What is the deal here?

I’m starting to thing we have a…we have a document isssue.

Do you suppose he is un–no, I won’t even use the word “undocumented”. Wouldn’t be right.

ED: Uhhhh! These people must be thick!

Can you view – yes, you can – you can view the President’s birth certificate yourself. It’s posted online by factcheck.org.

No you can’t view his birth certificate. What’s posted is a one-sided Certification of Live Birth. It’s not a birth certificate. At the very least a “factchecker” should properly name the document they are “vetting”. The mere fact they couldn’t copy down the name on the top of the document reflects how absolutely worthless their “factchecking” was.

Dobbs calls the document peculiar. He wants a quote, long form birth certificate to prove Obama’s citizenship?

This conspiracy theory about Obama’s citizenship has got to end, folks. Lou Dobbs! Liz Cheney! The Republican Congresswoman, who is sponsoring a bill requiring future candidates to present original birth certificates??

Rep Bill Posey (R-FL) introduced it. There are 9 co-sponsors – he chose to mention the lone female. He clearly fits right in at MSNBC.

All they are doing in basically feeding the Republican nutjobs in this country and basically giving them a platform.

So why isn’t barry just putting an end to it? Why isn’t the democratic leadership forcing him to – especially when he needs Republican support for his healthcare ram through, which this kind of talk is not helping? Think obvious folks – not conspiracy.

For Lou Dobbs to wonder if President Obama is (does quote mark gesture) quote, undocumented is one one thing –  and that’s finge psychotalk.

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