Lou Dobbs: Why is the LA Times calling me – not the WH?

July 21, 2009

birth certificate posts

Here’s Lou Dobbs and radio show host guests discussing the birth certificate issue. Dobbs brings up a good point: Why isn’t the media just asking barry to produce it and be done with it?

Or at the very least why aren’t they wondering why he hasn’t?

God forbid they ever come to the conclusion that that is their job and something they should have done during the primaries.

(7-21) CNN – Lou Dobbs , Guy Lambert (WHFS, Washington), Dom Giordano (WPHT, Philadelphia), Dr. Joy Browne (WORN, NYC)



DOBBS: Another issue, and that is the birth certificate. This thing is, you know, I don’t know about you, I’m getting calls now. Often. And I’m not talking about (INAUDIBLE). We saw Mike Castle, Congressman Castle in Delaware. I mean he had a meeting, Don, actually — that became the focus, the president’s birth certificate.

There are those who claim that he was born, Don, in a different country. I — you know, the president, obviously, all he has to do is just produce the original birth certificate in Hawaii and be done with it.

What are your listeners saying about this? Or are they dismissing it?

GIORDANO: No, they’re not dismissing it, Lou, in fact, we’re the kind of the capital city of the birthers. The guy named Phil Berg who is a personal friend.

DOBBS: Right.

GIORDANO: And I’ve had on over the years. My son even worked for him. He’s the leading figure in this. I happen to think this is the fault of the Obama administration not producing the original records. This would’ve gone away. Now you have all these people that are grabbing on to this and maybe not surprisingly in the age that we live in, Lou, with conspiracies, et cetera, this has legs.

DOBBS: Yes, this — Guy?

LAMBERT: Well, Lou, I also have to agree. You know the president, all he’s actually produced thus far is a certificate of live birth, big difference from a birth certificate. Certificate of live birth typically states the city you were born in and the time you were born in.

Anyone, pretty much anyone, can obtain a certificate of live birth. You know why not produce the birth certificate? Hank, if it were me, not only would I produce a birth certificate, I’d show my bingo card, as well. But whatever it takes…

DOBBS: We had people, including reporters from the “L.A. Times,” calling up because I referred to this.

BROWNE: They heard.

DOBBS: You know, and I mean, instead of calling the White House to ask why they didn’t do it, they’re calling me to ask why I said I don’t know what the reality is. No one does.

BROWNE: But let me tell you, as a psychologist, you know what I’d do? I’d say look, I’m the president, I don’t have to do it and at some point I would show it up and say see you guys are just after…

DOBBS: Yes. Are you sure that would that be the psychology of a president or some autocrat in a distant country?


DOBBS: As I last remember, this is a democratic republic and the people are to be respected as well citizens and…

[This sums up the wide spread ignorance. Browne doesn’t know if the public is asking for it even after her fellow readio hosts said her listeneres are and it’s the reason she is sitting there. And the public is not just now asking.]

BROWNE: But I don’t know that the public is asking for it. I think.

DOBBS: Oh, you don’t? Well, I do.

GIORDANO: Wait a minute, Joy…

DOBBS: You just heard all of your colleagues here say that they’re listeners are.

Joy, thank you very much. Guy, thank you. Don, thank you.

LAMBERT: Always a pleasure.

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