Dear Media Matters: What hospital was barry born in?

July 26, 2009

birth certificate posts

You know, we have used Media Matters more than a few times as a source – mainly as concerns sexism and misogyny but with this birth certificate issue they have gone over the edge. Just read anything about it and their tone is one of near hysteria – Chris Matthews David Schuster in print. What used to be a neutral, fact based view of a TV segment using the transcript and actual factchecking–as in facts–is now an  emotional this! has! got! to! stop! NOW! assault.

Media Matters for whom?

One would expect from their history to simply ask: Where is the original birth certificate? Why is he hiding it? Why is he spending money to fight in court to prevent its release?

Instead of multiple posts – they should go straight to the source and ask for a copy – like they would if it was anyone else.

But they aren’t.


It doesn’t matter how far out people’s claims are – in fact, the more far out they are — like many of them are (lady in red, for instance) — the more it argues their behavior is suspect.

They want to shut Lou Dobbs and everyone else up? They want it to end once and for all?

So, what’s the most direct way to do it?

Show a graphic of a newspaper ad from 1961 that no one alive can vouch for at an address no one can confirm barry or his family lived at?

Or an actual piece of paper that has the actual hospital, the actual physician and actual nurse’s names on it – whether it’s a paper copy or scanned?

When are they going to figure out their outrage is recruiting more birthers?

Look very closely in this “proof” video and point out just where “CNN [who] has fully investigated the issue and found no basis for the questions about the president’s birthplace” names the actual physical birthplace. See if you can spot the graphic.


But CNN has fully! investigated! and found no! basis! for the questions!!! about the birthplace!

A birthplace they cannot even name.

Talk about crazy.

Sorry about the ! but it represents their mindless hysteria. Can’t blame them. If they’re wrong after all this – how much is anything they say going to matter?

I just want to know how many of them know the truth. Here’s the full segment with KITTY PILGRIM, Orly Taitz, Alan Keyes, Errol Louis & John Avlon and here’s Lou Dobbs, Roland Martin and Rep Poe. Not sure what happened to the post with Rich Sanchez.

Media Matters

Notice how they have the links to the “proof” except for the statement about the Republican Governor.

PILGRIM: Republican governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, on record, she says Obama was indeed born in her state and we should note, she did support John McCain.

Why wasn’t it there? Because it doesn’t exist?

I have no idea. I looked and couldn’t find anything and don’t ever remember hearing it. Politifact claimed she said it was on the up and up when she was campaigning for McCain. The claim she sealed barry’s birth certificate was false.

“CNN’s own contributors saw through the HATE and the LIES.”


Rich Sanchez, who got it wrong back in February with Sen Shelby?

And Roland Martin with the tired old racism:

“How is this black guy all of a sudden running the country.”

Rolly would have a tad more credibility if he ever brought up the fact that 8 million (1/3) of eligible black voters didn’t even bother to register to vote for barry and that whiteys and Hispanics put barry in the WH. Here he did the race thing – on Lou Dobbs it was because barry’s “Moos-lum“.

But the punchline comes at the very end – I guess in an attempt to force CNN to do something:

How will CNN deal with Lou Dobbs undermining their credibility?

By having the chief, Jon Klein say it’s a “dead issue” (posting next) only to change his tune 24 hours later?


One Response to “Dear Media Matters: What hospital was barry born in?”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hello again smrstrauss.

    You probably cut and paste this everywhere because I have said over and over that Kenya is in my mind an impossibility.

    Washington State, yes.

    If you noticed the title of this post instead of just posting on the first one – the question is what hospital was he born in. And with your entire explanation there is no answer.


    There never is – because no one knows. They can’t know it because it’s not in any of the “overwhelming proof” you cite.

    There is a reason why no other president has had to show proof of citizenship — their actual physical birthplace is known — as in hospital, home in bed – wherever. That is why there was no need for citizenship proof.

    No president has as little known about him as barry.

    “Overwhelming proof” consists of actual facts.

    As in facts that can be verified. Starting with the hospital, which no one can name. Yes, his sister has been quoted as two different hospitals as has barry.

    Robert Gibbs does not know the name of the hospital.

    SNOPES just changed the hospital in their “factcheck” rendering the rest useless.

    UPI just changed their hospital of birth from a November 4, 2008 article.

    Kapiolani hospital just took down the letter they reportedly got from barry saying he was born there.

    barrypedia has changed the hospital in the past.

    Four separate sources have changed their information on where barry was born. And there are others in Hawaii and outside which have him either born in Kapiolani or Queens.

    Talk all you want about proof — until the hospital is known there exists no sufficient proof. Period.

    Fight the Smears website run by barry and put up just to handle the birth certificate issue is gone. Poof. Why? They said it wasn’t needed anymore. Clearly a lie.

    Factcheck is run by Annenberg – barry worked on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge for years. You should know that by now. I’ve certainly written it to you enough times.

    Therefore Factcheck is meaningless.

    They also said they examined the ‘ORIGINAL birth certificate” which is in direct opposition to CNN’s claim that the original no longer exists.

    Kitty Pilgrim’s “evidence” was almost a complete lie which I’ve outlined in a post.

    Factcheck and Politifact both call it a birth certificate. It is not. They could not even get the most important fact right – the most basic fact. Their conclusions are meaningless. Period.

    That image of that COLB is one-sided – worthless.

    And the fact that “factcheckers” don’t provide it says a great deal.

    Please quote where which the officials in Hawaii confirmed that they sent to him. I have never seen that fact and I do not believe that is true.

    Janice Okubo the woman folks quote like gospel has never seen the long form birth certificate. What she says is meaningless. And after all she is quoted – she concludes that she cannot say what that image is on his website – and she was sent a copy by Politifact. The registrar who does the seal looked at it too and neither of them could say what it was.

    Therefore – according to the spokesman for the Hawaii Department of Health Politifact and Washington Independent quote like she is Dr Fukino – that COLB is not certified – is not proven to have come from Hawaii. Period.

    Politifact acknowledges that. They said “there’s the rub”. And that’s where they should have stopped. If the Dept of Health can’t say what it is Politifact certainly can’t. Period.

    What politifact concluded is meaningless.

    Based on actual objective fact – what “factchecking” is supposed to be based on – Factcheck is out. Politifact is out. Snopes is out. Fight the Smears is out.

    What Dr Fukino saw and what Okubo saw and couldn’t confirm what it is are two separate entities. Period.

    Dr Fukino never said he was born in Hawaii. Period.

    What is on his long form – is still unknown.

    What hospital he was born in – is still unknown.

    You cannot say there is “overwhelming proof” he was born in Hawaii when you can’t name the physical location. Period.

    Bottomline: If there is all this “overwhelming proof” why hasn’t he just released it? It flies in the face of everyone of your arguments.

    And I’ll state once again.

    Just because he hasn’t released a copy of the birth certificate DOES NOT MEAN HE ISN’T ELIGIBLE. It means he is at the very least a liar. That he is anything but transparent.

    You always talk about losing the birth certificate. It doesn’t take away the fact that barry had a copy in his possession. He knows what is on there. And yes, they usually only send out the COLB – but he can get a copy of his birth certificate.

    There is absolutely no reason why he can’t release a copy.

    And there is absolutely no good reason why he hasn’t.

    “Overwhelming proof” doesn’t exist until he does.


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