Ron Buitenhuis: “We Believe” (Neda’s Song)

July 24, 2009

“We Believe” (Neda’s Song) written and performed Dutch folk musician Ron Buitenhuis. Can’t find any information about him.

It was written in memory of 27 y/o Neda Agha-Soltan who was murdered while standing peaceably in the street during the Iran protests of the election. Dr Arash Hejazi was witness to the murder and said she was shot in the chest from the front by a Basij – not the CIA. Here is Dr Hejazi’s BBC video describing what happened.

Courtesy of LimboLennart

You can see Neda just moments before her murder, walking to the left of her singing teacher–white ponytail and light blue striped shirt–Hamid Panahi. She’s wearing a baseball cap and at (0:43) she turns around and looks at the camera. She is shot shortly thereafter. In a civilized world, we would be watching a video of hers. Women aren’t even allowed to sing in public in Iran.

No violent or graphic footage. No images of her in death or dying.


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