Ms Walsh: birthers “into the taboo of interracial sex for the crazies”

July 2, 2009

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HARDBALL – Chris Matthews, Ex Mayor Willie Brown and Joan Walsh talking the birthers – you know those crazy racist whiteys who are freaked out by jungle fever? All this discussion and not a single one says why doesn’t barry just show it. Video/transcript and afterward is a snippet from Ms Walsh’s blog the next day with a short discussion.

Video from Media Matters

Vodpod videos no longer available.


MATTHEWS: And we’ll take another look at the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party that doesn’t believe that Barack Obama is actually a U.S. citizen, that he’s actually American.

MATTHEWS: Well, everybody’s getting open the zoo bus when it comes to this question. Nutty questions about the president’s birth certificate are being fueled by conservative talk show hosts like Rushbo himself and of course some others like Lou Dobbs and the lunatic fringes out there. We’ve got some Republican Congress people, nine of them, now, all pushing a measure to require the [interesting choice of words]  production of-actually the display of a birth certificate in order to run for president now, which is fine except the message is this guy didn’t have one, meaning Barack Obama.

barry was not the only person challenged on his natural born status and he was not the only one being named in those suits — Senator McCain and Nicaraguan-born Roger Calero were also named. And then the Senate got together and had their little resolution to state that John McCain was a natural born citizen. [Note: yesterday the House passed an incidental barry was born in Hawaii don’tcha know resolution that was included in the Hawaii statehood 50 year anniversary.The amended version curiously added his DOB.]

MATTHEWS: Joan Walsh is editor in chief of “Salon,” and Willie Brown, of course, is the great former speaker of the California assembly and former mayor of San Francisco, most recently. I wanted to start with Joan Walsh, because you wrote an interesting blog about your experience watching the former vice president’s daughter, Liz-Liz Cheney, talking about this the other day. Your view of what’s going on for here with this push to claim that the president of the United States is not an American.

For the record – it is not a claim that he is not an American. He refuses to show proof of it. And he has gone to great lengths to make sure The American People can’t see any of his other records.

Mr Transparency.

Folks actually believed that. Some still do – the barryfans driving the zoo bus.

Joan Walsh seems to change her views frequently. She hated Hillary – she stood up for Hillary. She was wary of barry and now it’s clear she is in love with him. Most disturbingly (and revealing) she has been to Chris Hutchins‘ house. It says a great deal that she – a woman – an intelligent, professional woman –  would willingly spend time with a man with such great hate for and fear of women. She must actually believe that what he thinks and says about “Hillary” doesn’t apply to her. Hello.

JOAN WALSH, EDITOR, SALON.COM: Well, I think it’s really just despicable, dirty politics, Chris, and I was shocked watching Liz Cheney. She was shown that clip that you just showed and was she asked to separate herself from them and she refused. She went on to say that the problem is that people are really uncomfortable with this president who doesn’t seem comfortable defending our country overseas. And she went on and on about it.

Liz Cheney has every right to say whatever she wants especially about the way they talk about her father.

Are any of these folks having difficulty saying despicable things about the zoo inhabitants and the fringian lunatics?

The craziest is when they go after Ron Christie when he says barry’s using the race card.

It’s amazing their lack of self-awareness. Don’t they ever watch themselves or listen without watching?

And these are the same folks who rag that barry should be tougher when they’ve been fighting his battles for two years. He didn’t even have to defend his fairy tale on Iraq. Another thing folks bought.

Who are the delusional loonies?

WALSH: I’ve never have seen our friend, James Carville, speechless. He was, briefly. And then he got back in the game and said, what I deeply believe, which is that she and other reputable people in the Republican Party are using this lunatic fringe, they are playing to it, they’re playing to the most dirty, disgusting elements of American politics for their own reason because they are trying to delegitimize the president. And it’s-I don’t know that it’s working, but lately with Lou Dobbs, with Liz Cheney, with that crazy at the Mike Castle rally, it’s spreading. Something’s going on, here.

Editor of the Salon is saying a year in that something’s going on and it’s spreading. That Delaware town hall took place on June 30. Philip Berg’s initial suit was filed last August/September.

MATTHEWS: Well, Mr. Campbell from California did sort of go through a road to Damascus the other night. He finally got around saying that in fact he believes the president is in fact one of us, an American.

WALSH: He did better, I must say, he did better than Liz Cheney. Now, in response to my blog post, “Politico” got a hold of Liz Cheney and she said today, not last night, in front of a large national audience, but today, “I think he has every right to be president.”

Listen to this one. She says it like a spurned girlfriend. And another white person talking about race.

WALSH: You know, mighty white of you, Liz. That’s really good that you think he has the right. I think it’s outrageous, the pandering that’s going on.

MATTHEWS: Well, Mayor Brown, what do you make of this. This is a new low. I thought a new low was when they tried to make Michael Dukakis, who was the son of immigrants, sort of de-Americanize him back in ’88, by making him seem alien. They’re almost declaring this guy an undocumented alien, these people.

WILLIE BROWN (D), FORMER MAYOR OF SAN FRANCISCO: There’s no question, that’s what they are doing, Chris. But I got to tell you, the Republican Party is in shambles. Quality people, among the Republicans, really should step up to the plate and begin to denounce these lunatics, these people who are, in fact, taking away from all of the glory that, at one time, was with the Republican Party.

When you had people like Nelson Rockefeller. When you even had the Senator Goldwater from Arizona. You’ve had some incredible, outstanding Americans who were Republicans. It seems to me, Newt Gingrich, John McCain, the governor of Minnesota, the governor of Florida, and the former vice president, Cheney, really should step up to the plate and denounce this lunatic fringe. They don’t need to say anything directly about Obama. The American people have already said that by making Mr. Obama their president, but these lunatics need to be put in their place.

Mr Brown, where was barry when Rep Lewis compared Sen McCain to George Wallace and the murder of four young girls? Did you urge barry to apologize for intentionally misleading voters in that last debate about folks screaming “Kill him” when his own Secret Service agents were the ones who said it was completely unfounded? And what was the last thing the voters heard? barry pulling the race card…again.

Where was your call for barry to apologize and set things right about a man who was held captive for five years, Mr Brown?

Where was your call to barry as an elder in the Democratic Party to apologize to the former President and First Lady for calling them racists – when he went into South Carolina with a let’s paint the Clintons racists’ memo all set to go?

Where was your call for barry to apologize to that “Cat, who was just sticking up for his woman”?

This man of honor and authenticity still hasn’t set the record straight after all the Clintons have done for him.

And, Mr Brown, you want the Republicans to bail barry out when he didn’t even reach across the aisle to the previous leaders of his own party?

When he was excessively cruel to them at the Convention even though Secretary Clinton had been campaigning for him while he was on vacation, all the while barrymedia was trashing her?

When she worked hard to convert her voters, who actually put him in the White House?

Who needs to be “put in their place” and learn a little respect?

One cannot expect to be respected until one earns it by showing it to others. And he still hasn’t shown it.

What are the chances Michelle Obama would be First Lady without Secretary Clinton preceding her?

And why is it you never mentioned the Chariman of the RNC Michael Steele?

And why did you mention VP Dick Cheney and not General Colin Powell?

All those crazy whiteys don’t trust barry so they’re not going to trust Mr Steele or General Powell?

Who is making it about race?

MATTHEWS: What do you make of Senator Shelby joining this bandwagon this zoo train, actually, is what it is. Senator Shelby of Alabama has been on this program many times, and I’m going to give him a chance to talk about this whenever he wants. But, why would he join those who actively, now question the president’s Americanism, meaning, is he in fact a native-born American president? He’s actually joins this, in fact, the nine Republican gentlemen have all joined this. And I wonder whether there’s an aspect here of not documentation, but pigmentation that this is all about. Would they be doing this to a George W. Bush?

There is no comparison. Every other president’s physical birthplace is known except barry’s. That’s not something the birthers are hallucinating. It’s a concrete issue that he could solved immediately – it could have been solved before it was even a problem if he actually had released the birth certificate. It would be one thing if it was known and no one believed it but not a single media person – not even Gibbs – can say where barry was physically born. And birthers are all crazy, racist whiteys, whose mental states are preventing barry from producing his birth certificate?


MATTHEWS: Would they be doing it to a Ronald Reagan? Somebody who’s white?

They did it to John McCain. The difference? John McCain showed his birth certificate without being asked. barry hasn’t. Stick to the facts not pigmentation. Seems Mr Tingly has forgotten that barry himself said if he lost it wouldn’t be because of race.

And now, according to the NAACP, he can’t be “racist” because he is half-white.

Typical white person half white?

MATTHEWS: Would they do it to somebody who’s sort of been around awhile? I mean, what’s the point of this, if it isn’t to bring into your question, almost, your ethnic Americanism, your basically being one of us.

WALSH: No, you’re absolutely right. I mean, John McCain was born in Panama. Questions could have been raised, but they really wouldn’t. [Lie] Democrats wouldn’t do that. [The New York Times did it.]  You know, and his Republican colleagues, of course, wouldn’t do that.

MATTHEWS: That would be a technical thing if he wasn’t.

WALSH: I know, I know, Chris, of course.

MATTHEWS: I think it’s worse, here.

WALSH: It’s much worse, here. But, he’s completely legitimate and I’m not questioning that, I’m just saying there was actually sort of a technical question there, it was never raised.

Yes. The Constitution. Now this was the best part of the whole segment. Hope I can find the video.

WALSH: I think it’s very deep. I think it is racial. I think that the whole birther nonsense, it’s primordial. It lets you talk about his father, a Muslim. It lets you use the name Hussein, which is scary. I will go farther, since it is late-night HARDBALL, and I’ll say it focuses you on the status of his birth, which was to a white mother and a black father, so it even gets you into the taboo of interracial sex for the crazies!

Who is having those thoughts?

MATTHEWS: Well, at least you’re admitting to the facts on his birth certificate. You’re beyond-they’re not even willing to go this far. I was looking at the birth certificate the last couple of days, there it says African farther, Caucasian-American mother. Here’s Rush Limbaugh, by the way, who has a very high IQ, he really does. He knows what he’s doing, and here’s what he’s doing with this issue.


RUSH LIMBAUGH, TALK SHOW HOST: Barack Obama has yet to have to prove he’s a citizen. All he’d have to do is show a birth certificate. He has yet to have to prove he’s-I have to show them 14 different ways where the hell I am everyday of the year for three years.


MATTHEWS: I am waving his birth certificate [not] around this show, yesterday, the whole show, again tonight. Mayor Brown, what is Rushbo talking about? What are they-look at this, we are showing it on the screen, lady and gentlemen. Here it is, everybody, to watch, I mean, Rush Limbaugh can watch this. The rest-even – you know, Lou Dobbs is into this game, now. What is this-is this a viral disease here, that they’re all involved with this-Mayor Brown.

He’s talking about probation.

BROWN: They are just off the scale on this one. Clearly the American people already have accepted Barack Obama as they have accepted Chris Matthews, Willie Brown, Miss Walsh, they know who we are. They know that we are as American as they are. And believe me, you are not going to influence even your own relatives with this nonsense about whether or not Barack Obama is a citizen. No one should have to wave their birth certificate around when you are as authentic as Barack Obama is.

What does he mean by that? And shouldn’t he, as ex-Mayor, understand the Constitution?

BROWN: If you want to call him an immigrant, call him an immigrant, and then proceed to prove that he’s an immigrant. You want to question him whether or not he’s American. Prove it if you think that’s important. I think Rush is just wrong on this one.

MATTHEWS: I think we ought to put some money on this, like in college in the middle of the night, in the dorms, Joan and Mayor, we use to bet in the middle of the night. You want to bet? Put money on it, Rush. Put big money on it and you get behind your bet saying he’s not a citizen and then you got to pay up.

BROWN: As a matter of fact, you ought to say, Barack, put your contract and the proceeds from your contract…

MATTHEWS: No, nobody’s going to do that. No, Mayor Brown, none of us do that. None of us do that. Anyway, thank you Joan Walsh for this, well, lighthearted conversation about something that’s truly crazy. Anyway, Mayor Brown, thank you, as always.


I’m stupefied by the lengths people will go to make excuses for something that is going on because barry won’t put an end to it. They keep saying folks should just stop. There is one person who could make it stop immediately = barry = and none of them have the integrity to ask him to just show it and be done with it.


A snippet from Ms Walsh’s SALON blog the next day. I hope someone will give her a little nudge that it begins at birth because that’s what our Founding Fathers and the Framers wrote – not because some crazy ass racist whiteys are freaked out by jungle fever. And, by the way, interracial marriage was legal in Hawaii at the time his mother was pregnant.

WALSH: Of course the Birther movement persists because it scratches so many itches for the intolerant Republican fringe: It lets them obsess over Obama’s father being a Muslim; it lets them remind people he’s vaguely “other,” with one parent from Kenya, and then, for the trifecta, the obsession with his “birth,” subconsciously or not, lets the Birthers focus us on the facts of his conception, that he’s the product of – OMG! – interracial sex, that old taboo. There’s so much that’s unsavory about Obama, from a certain blinkered world view, it’s hard to know where to begin – so let’s just begin at birth.

Would ex-Gov Palin or Secretary Clinton have been allowed to be VP/POTUS without their birth certificates released?

Without their school records released?

Without their medical records released?

Would their lawsuits to prevent the release of those documents have flown under the radar?

Absolutely not.

They would have been on whatever Court TV is called now.

barry operatives found out more about Palin in 48 hours than they still now about barry. They’re still going after Trig Palin’s birth certificate and the head of the Alaska Democratic Party is still going after Palin’s emails at the cost of over $600K to the state. Why?

So, why has barry been given a pass? Why the double standard?

And race was to be a detriment?

If it bothers them, and they want it to stop – why aren’t they asking barry to just release it?

This is not entirely the birthers’ fault. The birthers exist because the MSM did not vet barry in the first place. If the MSM had done their job, this wouldn’t have been fomenting for a year.

But they didn’t.


If they want to be taken seriously now, they have to take responsibility for what they themselves failed to do. And they have to acknowledge how their negligence led/contributed to the present atmosphere.

And it’s merely 6 months in.

Look inward, Ms Walsh. Ask yourself how well you have vetted barry – what you truly objectively know about him – and then ask yourself if any other political candidate would have been allowed to get where he is with as little known about them.

Maybe one day you will be enlightened to the fact that you are the ones who want barry treated differently on this.

The question is why.

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