Lou Dobbs vs “Teabagging Queen”


FYI – The Obama File closed

July 29, 2009

Maddow’s respOnse: ”Can a female person be that kind of queen?”

birth certificate posts

Lou Dobbs fan club:
Kitty Pilgrim
Ed Schultz
Roland Martin
Chris Matthews
Jon Stewart
Joan Walsh

Media Matters’ assault on CNN and Lou Dobbs continues. They set up a website just to trash Dobbs and pressure head of CNN Jon Klein to make Dobbs stop with the birther issue. I just realize I haven’t posted Klein’s comments. He initially sent an email saying the birther issue was dead and the next day changed his stance. The information in the email was untrue – like most everything else Kitty Pilgrim said.

Here’s Dobbs sounding off on the issue in reference to the “Teabagging Queen”  Rachel Maddow, who called Dobbs a birther, which of course he isn’t. Not that facts matter to Media Matters or MSNBC.

Media Matters


And Teabagging Queen, Rachel Maddow over at MSNBC…was not being “intellectually honest”.

Imagine that! Here is the leftist lady…

RACHEL MADDOW (creepy whisper):

Actually you don’t even need the internet. Lou Dobbs on CNN says he’s a birther, too. You can’t blame this movement of the fringe into the mainstream on just the online machine. CNN’s helping.


Isn’t that cute?

She sounds like she’s something out of a horror movies.

I mean, God Almighty!

By the way, she lied.

I have never said I am a birther.

I’m not.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said: Barack Obama’s a citizen of the United States.

Why not release your birth certificate?

What is the big deal with saying that!?

Good Lord!

All I’m asking fro here is a little truth from the left — would you mind?

Course it’s gonna be as forthcoming as the truth from the right.

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