Closeups Kenyan Registration of Birth

August 2, 2009

birth certificate posts
Orly Taitz site listed as malicious – use new site
Motion to expedite authentication of Kenyan Registration of Birth

I took some screen shots just in case her link mysteriously disappears. I was looking at an old post yesterday and the photo of barry and Hugo Chavez yukking it up was gone. The link was to the LA Times where the photo was completely removed. Haven’t had the time to look and see if this is widespread.

barry’s CHANGE! defined. The question is who is behind him? He is not clever enough for any of this.

Screen shots of original image from NEW Orly Taitz’s site

kenya 1

7s.6d No 495 Coast Province

Coast Province of Kenya
1961 No. 47,044
District of Mombasa [can’t read numbers: 873Z?]

District of Mombasa District Registry Office
Date: August 4, 1961
Place of Birth: Coast General Hospital

Christian Name: Barack Hussein II
Sex: Male

kenya 2

Father: Barack Hussein Obama
Age: 26 yrs
Birthplace: Kanyadhiang Village, Nyanza Province
Occupation: Student

Mother: Stanley Ann Obama, formerly Dunham
Age: 18 yrs
Birthplace: Wichita, Kansas, United States

Year of Present Marriage: 1961
Number of previous issue Living: nil
Number of previous issue Deceased: nil

kenya 3

Year of Present Marriage: 1961
Number of previous issue Living: nil
Number of previous issue Deceased: nil

Informant: B.H. Obama, father
Residence: Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

Signature of Registrar: E. F. Lavender
Date of Registration: August 5, 1961

kenya 4

Entered at the District Registry Office: August 9, 1961
District Registrar: M. H. Miller

I, Joshua Simon ODUYA, Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for the Coast Province of Kenya, do hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the entry recorded in the Birth Register of this Province, Book 44B, Page 5733.

Given under my Hand and Seal of Office this 17th day of February 1964
Office of the Principal Registrar
Coast Province, Republic of Kenya


Has his signature and a visible seal.

It should be easy for computer savvy folks to check out the seal better and search the names of these folks.

Anyone from Kenya have a copy of their own for comparison just to see if the form is correct and maybe even the names?

One Response to “Closeups Kenyan Registration of Birth”

  1. mystylplx Says:


    Love how birthers keep trying to rewrite the Constitution. “Natural born” merely distinguishes from “naturalized.” The Constitution says not one word about dual citizenship or the citizenship of the parents.

    But keep trying to rewrite the Constitution to suit yourselves. Great idea. And while you’re at it, keep self-righteously claiming that you’re really only trying to defend the Constitution. Because no-one is going to see through that…

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