David Shuster & Tamron Hall vs Orly Taitz

August 3, 2009

Birth certificate posts
barry’s Kenyan Registration of Birth? [closeups] [Scribd copy]
Motion to expedite authentication of Kenyan Registration of Birth

Hardball wouldn’t take on Orly Taitz but mental midget hissy fit David Schuster did. The rudeness is beyond belief. Same with Tamron Hall. No matter what you believe or however crazy you believe someone is – if they are a guest on your show – you should at least show a modicum of decorum. All three of them came off as irrational. None better than the other. It’s absolutely disgusting.

And the man allowing all this to go on?

The man who has been claiming transparency!

The man who chanted Change! and promised to Unite!

The man who said: “I WILL NEVER LIE TO YOU!” is lying to The American People and has been for over a year.

And the corrupt media is in collusion.

The man who has time to have a beer because he misspoke and stoked the racial divide in this country does not even have the integrity to show his original birth certificate to stop this racist name calling.

Lou Dobb’s “CNN’s Racist in Chiefis promoting “racially charged paranoia“?

How is one a racist for wanting barry to be treated by the media like every other president?

He is a fraud in every sense of the word, as is the MSM.

He is responsible for all of this.

He and he alone.

He made it an issue in the first place by lying about releasing his birth certificate.

And he =  barry = not the birthers is the one allowing this to continue.

All it would take is one media outlet to ask – demand – the original birth certificate.

And they haven’t.


This isn’t going away.

In fact, it is escalating.

And “interviews” such as this are just inflaming the people who are already frustrated angry that the MSM hasn’t done their job.  And they are getting angrier because the MSM would rather do this and run after congressman rather than text Robert Gibbs for a copy.

That is cold hard fact.

It is time the MSM did their job and vetted barry.

This is absolutely criminal behavior by an alleged media outlet.

It’s like a Jerry Springer episode, except it is not a question of paternity – it is a question of whether the man who can start a nuclear holocaust – with no one able to stop him –  is Constitutionally eligible to do so. And having a juvenile shouting match shows how little MSNBC values, not only the Constitution, but also the lives and futures of The American People.

MSNBC: Tamron Hall, David Shuster, Orly Taitz.

Vodpod videos no longer available.RAW STORY

If you finds this funny and not disgusting ask yourself why MSNBC would prefer to look so foolish and unprofessional rather than see what is on the “original vital records” Dr Fukino vouched for — something barry has free access to and something MSNBC could demand he produce.

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