Lou Dobbs re: Media Matters attack ads

August 2, 2009

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barry’s Kenyan Registration of Birth? [closeups] [Scribd copy]
Motion to expedite authentication of Kenyan Registration of Birth

Well the all out assault on Lou Dobbs continues. Media Matters wants Lou Dobbs’ head and the more they try the more obviously desperate they appear. I wish I had time to find out who owns them and their financial connection to barry. Maybe I should just check out the list of ambassadors…

Anyway Lou Dobbs is talking about being attacked by Media Matters and MM’s plans to run Lou is an obsessed birther ads on CNN. They are actually making CNN money.

Video and transcript provided by MEDIA MATTERS:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


DOBBS: And we’re checking this right now, and — because we haven’t gotten a clarification from CNN, but, again, a couple of outfits are reporting, these are websites reporting that Media Matters — which is the left-wing advocacy group; they try to pose as some sort of watchdog. They’re nothing more than a rabid, left-wing operation. They’re just an attack group. They’re sort of the Swift Boat of the left, if you will.

Here we go. Media Matters to run ads attacking Lou Dobbs’ birther obsession — it is now a Birther obsession – on CNN. A Media Matters spokesman saying that the group has bought a week of ad time on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News in D.C., New York, and Atlanta, set to run Tuesday. And here is the allegation: It puts CNN, they say, in the position of either running the spot or nixing it and making this a bigger story, say they.

This is just really extraordinary. But at least CNN will make a little money on the deal, so I just don’t get it. I’d like to know what you think about this. I mean, because I said the following — listen to what I said.

I said I believe Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States, but I don’t understand why he doesn’t just produce his long-form birth certificate and be done with it.

For that, I have been attacked — I mean, from Bill Maher, from the left all over the country and almost every medium. It is extraordinary — I mean, I don’t know who in the world hasn’t attacked me on this issue. While we find — what find that most — you know, over 80 percent in an AOL Hotspot poll believe — basically side with me, 82 percent.

Why not just produce the birth certificate?

It isn’t an issue of legitimacy; it isn’t an issue of citizenship.

It isn’t an issue — because I believe he’s a citizen of the United States.

It’s an issue of just being open, transparent deliver the goods and be done with it and move on.

So it’s either then — if it’s not openness and transparency, then it’s pretty much arrogance on the part of this president, that he’s above the very same principles that were followed by, amongst others, John McCain throughout his campaign, going to the issue of natural-born citizen, going to openness and legitimace [sic] — whether it’s his school records, whether it’s his medical records, none of that apparently persuasive or something that Barack Obama feels that he must follow.

So it’ll be interesting to see what Media Matters runs. That sounds like a fascinating ad.

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