Lou Dobbs: “There are people who want to stop the freedom of expression in this country”

August 3, 2009

birth certificate posts
barry’s Kenyan Registration of Birth? [closeups] [Scribd copy]
Motion to expedite authentication of Kenyan Registration of Birth

Only as applies to barry.

Lou Dobbs responds to Bill Maher. Why does anyone bother? Folks are showing their own ignorance by calling a COLB a birth certificate. Even Dr Fukino changes her wordage from original “birth certificate” to original “vital records”.

This is the title to the video provided by MEDIA MATTERS via “RagingLib” (apt):

CNNs Racist-in-Chief Dobbs Says Bill Maher’s Call to Stop the Birthers Against Freedom of Expression


Read that outloud. That is simply disgusting and way beyond ignorant. Wanting barry to present his birth certificate like everyone has been say he has already done for a year is RACIST? And yet the folks doing this wonder why the anger is escalating? barry said – still says he is being transparent – and asking him to make good on his words is RACIST?


There are people who want to stop the freedom of expression in this country. Frankly, I can’t understand why they do.

Bill Maher has written an op/ed “Stop the Birthers!” He calls them dangerous.

This is a president who campaigned on transparency and openness and I don’t understand why that should be such a big deal to turn over a birth certificate.

The liberals are on the wrong side of this. They should be on the side of disclosure, openness and transparency as was the president when he was running for office.

The “Liberals” are anything but tolerant or in search of the truth. And the MSM is run by them and they are all corrupt.

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