Scribd copy Kenyan Registration of Birth

August 2, 2009

birth certificate posts
barry’s Kenyan Registration of Birth?
Closeups Kenyan Registration of Birth
Motion to expedite authentication of Kenyan Registration of Birth

Hey, Nehemiah, thanks for the tweet informing us of our deep rooted racist ways.

Why no Twitter is being added here.

Here’s the Scribd copy. Click top right for full screen.

Do you know how to increase the font on your screen? You have a mac right?

Press command + by holding down the command key and pressing a plus key (no shift required).

And, no. We have absolutely no interest in proving or disproving whether any of this is real. The bots are all over it. They probably have already tracked down the anonymous source and have his entire life history, including his original birth certificate. Check the comments in the links above, if interested.

We provided it for informational purposes only.

Funny thing is – it’s as vetted as that COLB the MSM has been calling a birth CERTIFICATE. And this contains verifiable info such as an actual physical place of birth and a signature, which the COLB does not.

Just from what I know – the name of the village is correct. Where it says “previous issue nil” must mean in reference only to that marriage because polygamist barry sr left home with his tribal wife pregnant and caring for their first son born in  March 1958 — when she was a teenager as well. Sr’s DOB is listed only as 1936. Hmm. Where’s his birth certificate? Maybe he was born in Hawaii.

Bottom line is as it always has been: Why doesn’t he just produce it?

The one and only reason this is still an issue is because barry continues to let it be an issue.

And the reason he is allowed to do so is because the media has been allowing him to do so.

The media looks more foolish every day going out of their way to rag at “kooks” who exist because they – the media – refused to do their job.

And if the birthers aren’t kooks — the entire MSM not only did not find out the truth about barry – they have been consciously spreading lies.

Make sense why they’re going after the kooks?

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