Media Matters ad re: Dobbs “racially charged paranoia”

August 3, 2009

Birth certificate posts

How is CNN not suing Media Matters?

The ad actually claims Lou Dobbs aka CNN is promoting “racially charged paranoia“,

Asking for the president of the united states to provide proof of his actual physical birthplace is racially charged paranoia when EVERY OTHER president’s actual physical birthplace is known?

What did Dobbs say that was the least bit racist? There’s nothing in this ad but “birth certificate” over and over. And what he is saying is FACT. barry has not  produced a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

Who wants barry to treated differently?

And what EXACTLY is the reason he is being treated differently? His race, perhaps?

If he were a white man, would he have been inaugurated without his medical, school and birth records made known?

Absolutely not. History proves that. And there’s no need to mention Hillary Clinton because there isn’t a thing not known about her.

This ad gives “birthers” legitimacy because it is an outright lie.

1-barry has not produced a BIRTH CERTIFICATE of any kind — valid or otherwise.

2-Asking barry to fulfill his own promise of transparency and provide proof of his actual physical birthplace – like EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT – is not racially charged paranoia.

How much is Media Matters spending (donating to CNN) on these ads vs a single text to Robert Gibbs to demand release of the actual birth CERTIFICATE?

CNN’s Dobbs Problem

Voice Over: CNN’s Lou Dobbs has been promoting the false, right-wing conspiracy that President Obama hasn’t produced a valid US birth certificate.

LIE.  barry has not produced a BIRTH CERTIFICATE of any sort.

Dobbs saying “birth certificate” 3 times.

Voice Over: CNN President Jon Klein said Dobbs’ obsession was legitimate.

It’s not an obssession and it is very much legitimate. Media Matters’ Obsession is what this ad should be called.

Dobbs saying “birth certificate” 3 more times – once long form. 6 times is an obsession?

Voice Over: It’s time for “The Most Trusted Name in News” to live up to its slogan. Let CNN know there’s nothing legitimate about racially charged paranoia.

Another LIE.

Who can take Media Matters seriously?

This is an absolute 6th grade farce and nothing other than a typical don’t pick on barry bot attack.

One thing is clear: whoever owns Media Matters knows the truth.

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