Rachel Maddow: Happy Birther Day!

August 4, 2009

birth certificate posts

Rachel Maddow has fun with the “birthers” and the Kenyan birth certificate. She rattles off all the inconsistencies of it (Why did barry people feel the need to mess with a “forgery”?) and yet has never been able to answer why barry Sr’s race is “African” on barry’s COLB. And while you watch, keep in the back of your mind that she is certain barry was born in Hawaii based on his “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” and two newspaper notices from 48 years ago that do not contain his name and yet she cannot name the actual physical place of his birth.

No one can.

Not even Robert Gibbs.

Recall also that Rachel Maddow, along with Chris Matthews – as he was waving around a piece of paper that is no more vetted than that Kenyan registration of birth – said the birthers were responsible for that Nazi madman, who went into the Holocaust Memorial Museum intent on killing.

There are no words for how wrong that is.

Maddow’s guest displays classic anti-birther ignorance and what she describes as “satire” is (forgive me) simple idiocy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The stuff that’s going on under the surface of the birther phenomenon is deadly serious.

So the “birthers” are now potential assassins, in addition to nuttos, whackjobs, crazies, muslim haters and, of course, racists.

Can you please tell me who the bigots are?

Watch her face and imagine she’s talking about Muslims and lesbians.

COX: That doesn’t mean that when we mock it and mock it with all the full-throated glory that we can – teabag away at it if you will – but we should also be addressing the actual factual errors and what not….I’m a firm believer in mocking and debunking at the same time.

Starting with the fact it isn’t a birth certificate?

Again it’s a set up question and again it’s white person talking about the experience of the Oppressed Southern Negro (which barry cannot even relate to – read his comments re: Ghana) all the while “mocking in full-throated glory” people she knows nothing about. She doesn’t have the facts right about barry nor does she have the facts right about the people who are asking him to just do what he says he already has done and is doing.

Note how Maddow uses the word “darker” twice. I’m curious if it was intentional.

MADDOW: What do you think is the darker reality and the darker implications of this? What do you think is the more serious stuff that lurks under the surface here?

COX: It goes back to a very dark and very ugly time in American history. The attempts to de-person black people and to treat them as something less than less than full people – less than full humans.

For the record – barry is just as much European as he is Kenyan and his ancestors were slave owners not slaves. And asking the POTUS to provide proof of his actual physical birthplace – what is known about every other president – besides “holding him accountable” to his promised “transparency” – as he requested – is treating him less than a full human?

One might rightly question who the delusional nutball is.

Then Ms Cox says it’s not the first time presidents have been questioned as to their “origins” but that there’s one major difference in this case. No. It’s not the obvious one and the only one that matters.

COX: John McCain faced some questions over him being born in the Panama Canal Zone. Those never went very far and it’s really hard not to notice that there’s one major difference between these two allegations and that is that one of the people they’re taking about is black.

The one major difference is one is the President and the other is a senator. It no longer matters where McCain was born. He could have been born in Kenya and still be a senator. And he willingly gave up his birth certificate. (Why are Alaska Democrats are still trying to get white-skinned Trig Palin’s birth certificate when his mother — yes mother — is no longer in office?) And Sen McCain and Nicaraguan born non-Democrat Communist Party Roger Calero were also being sued. And then there’s the barry co-sponsored Senate resolution that Sen McCain is a natural born citizen, which they had to clear with Homeland Security. And barry? A non-Constitutional lawyer proclaims him to be a natural born citizen according to unseen documents and a House resolution declares him born in Hawaii – seven months into his presidency.

Whose fault is it that this is still an issue?

Not the birthers.

Not even birthers who might be concerned about the color of his skin.

It’s Ms Cox’s fault. And Rachel Maddow’s. And the rest of the media’s for not vetting barry.

But it starts and ends with barry. If he had released his birth certificate like he said he had – this would not be an issue – no matter how you want to spin it.

Then Ms Cox calls it a “birther phenomenon” as if it’s a figment of birthers’ imaginations and not based on a concrete issue set forth by our Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution.

COX: And I think there’s no way to talk about the birther phenomenon without talking about that – without taking about this history of thinking one type of person, who has a certain type of skin as inherently American and that people who don’t have that color skin are somehow suspect.

What can this woman possibly know about what it is like to have skin any other color than her own – let alone what women of color go through in this country or around the world?

She does make a point that she hadn’t intended.

Every other president had white skin, and every other president’s birthplaces is known.

barry is being treated differently alright. He has not had to release things every other white president has.

So, if you want to bring in skin color – fine.

But he is not being discriminated against because of it – he is getting a pass.

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