Joe Conason equates birthers to the Oklahoma City Bombing

August 7, 2009

birth certificate posts

I honestly cannot believe this.

First it was Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews equating “birthers” to the 88 y/o Nazi who went on a shooting rampage at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. Why? Because he posted on a “birther” site. What they irresponsibly and ignorantly disregarded was his over half a century’s worth of hateful rantings in his book, his essays, his internet site and most importantly his previous attack on DC when he attempted to kidnap the Federal Reserve Board – arriving armed with a sawed off shotgun, knife and a .38 he pointed at the guard. Only that time he didn’t pull the trigger.

Then Herr Olbermann called WND’s Joseph Farah and Orly Taitz the “White Supremacist crowd”. (Taitz is Jewish.)

Now JOE CONASON of the New York Observer – after going through the usual name calling and accusations of racism (not realizing of course that his words on “birthers” reveal his own bigotry) and claims that barry’s birth in Hawaii “is an indisputable fact” using as his backup “sane critics on the right, such as the editors of the National Review and the veteran pundit Patrick Buchanan, (who has spent a lifetime agitating white fear), acknowledge” writes these unspeakable words:

But the clear purpose of birther propaganda is not to win a majority by democratic means, but to drive a minority of a minority into turmoil and even violence — as indicated by their behavior at this month’s Congressional town hall meetings.

Should we experience another tragedy like the Oklahoma City bombing, the blood and the ruin will be on their conscience.

Read that again.

And again.

And he wonders why people are angry?

There is one reason and one reason only this is still an issue.

barry has not released his birth certificate.


End of story.

He said he did and Gibbs, factcheck and the media promoted that lie until it was exposed for good.

He has not, nor has he ever, released a copy of his original birth certificate, which he stated he had a copy of himself.

What he released has never been vouched for by Dr Fukino and Janice Okubo her spokeswoman looked at what he did release and said she couldn’t say what it represented. Hawaii hasn’t even confirmed they sent him what he released on the internet.

And what he released does not name his actual physical birthplace.


End of story.


Not sane critics on the right, not inflammatory posters certain that it has been “indisputably proven” – not even Robert Gibbs.

And until such proof is produced it is a legitimate question – made more so by barry’s continuing claims of transparency and the media’s – including Conason’s – attacks.

Cold hard fact stripped of the perceived motivations of birthers and ignorance of anti-birthers:

1-No one can name the actual physical location where barry was born.

2-Therefore – by definition – NO ONE CAN SAY BARRY WAS BORN IN HAWAII.


End of story.

And words such as Mr Conason’s are adding fuel to the flames.

One wonders why not a single one of them has the journalistic integrity to prove it to be an “indisputable fact” when all they have to do is ask.

What/who are they afraid of?

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