Olbermann re Dobbs: Have you had your tranquilizer dart, Lou?

August 7, 2009

birth certificate posts

Herr Olbermann vocalizes his ignorance once again.

The president did release his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

No. He. Did. Not. And because he refuses to the birthers exist. Period. End of story.

barry could stop it if he wanted by just releasing it like he lied and said he did last June. And the MSM’s presistent claim that he released it – not to mention calling birthers birthers and all sorts of other names is making it worse.

Why doesn’t even one journalist, pundit, talking head or just plain yakker like olbermann text Gibbs for the birth certificate? Bill O’Reilly said he “could find out tomorrow, if he cared“.

So why hasn’t he?

Why doesn’t anyone wonder why the WH spokesman cannot name the hospital in which the POTUS was born?

Who is telling them not to ask for it and why are they destroying everyone who even asks that it be released?

It is 100% clear that the media has been corrupted.

What isn’t clear is who in the government is controlling it.

Call me a paranoid birther if you like – it is not going to change the fact that barry’s actual physical birthplace is not known, which means no one can say he was born in Hawaii. Period. End of story.

And when did Hawaiian doctors become Constitutional lawyers?



Meds, Lou?

…a man who makes millions off bashing immigrants, mainly Hispanics?

You know his wife and kids are Hispanic?

A man who when he was 37 threatened to beat up his wife’s 62 y/o boss…

What do you want Lou, to come take a swing at me?


Have you had your tranquilizer dart yet today, Lou?

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