Updated: Secy Clinton: Iran trials “a sign of weakness”

August 7, 2009

Zakaria: Iran show trials just like Stalin’s

Update 2

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria interviewed Secretary Clinton in Kenya. He talked to her about North Korea and she laughed when John Bolton’s name was mentioned in reference to his politicizing of the journalists’ release and involvement of President Bill Clinton. She stressed it was not an official visit and did not change the administration’s position on North Korea.

In a lighthearted moment at a townhall, Zakaria asked Secy Clinton about a marriage proposal involving a dowry of 40 goats and 20 cows for Chelsea’s hand in marriage that was made 8 years ago. Secy Clinton politely said she would convey the kind offer. (The man has subsequently married and has children.)

And then he asked about the Iran trials – full interview airing Sunday on CNN.

Iran is already having “trials” for the “organizers of the protesters”. Emails sent from Iran to Radio Free Europe described how women and children being beaten and hauled away while praying at a sacred shrine. One described how a young men was held down by Basiji members while one forcefully urinated down his throat.

The number of “protesters”  hung during the week after Neda’s murder (not the video of her death though the link is there) is unknown. They wouldn’t allow Neda’s family grieve at the mosque or grave site and beat people who gathered at the site of her murder. The Iranian ambassador to Mexico tried to pin it on the CIA even though an English speaking Iranian physician was an eyewitness – as in his hands were on her chest trying to stop the bleeding – said she was shot by a Basij member. He is seen clearly on the video, which was taken by a friend who was with him.

(Video of song dedicated to Neda written and performed by Dutch folk musician, Ron Buitenhuis. And here Neda’s mom speaks of her daughter and thanks the world for honoring Neda.)

The government rounded up people for their alleged roles in the protests, kidnapping human rights leaders right off the street, detaining reporters/bloggers and even banning Iranian soccer players for wearing green wristbands in protest during a soccer match. The nine native Iranians who worked at UK embassy, who were detained because they allegedly incited the protesters (were taken in retaliation for the doctor telling his story to the BBC) were eventually released and the UK Embassy officials assured no charges would be brought. The last one to be released and the only one charged was put on trial despite those assurances. Also on trial, charged as “spies” are two women: French National Clothilde Reiss (academic) and Nazar Arshaf (French embassy worker).

So why did it take the President of the United States so long to condemn what was happening?

Why didn’t he listen to his Secretary of State who knows more than he will ever know about the Middle East and whose approval index is 22 pts higher than his?

Why when he took Secy Clinton’s stand did he neglect to tell her?

His Ego should never come before human rights. But it is clear he has shown a resistance to even mentioning what the savages in the Arab world continue to do to women.

When he was in Ghana did we hear him condemn the forced marriages and the rape of women in public as men stand around and watch?

When he genuflected to the beast did we hear about the children having their genitals mutilated and being given away to men 5 times their age ? About the husbands who are allowed to slap their wives if they pay to much for the depersonalizing shrouds they are forced to wear? “Honor killings”? Disfiguring acid attacks on school children? Beheading of women who have the audacity to request a divorce from the man they were sold to? The sanctioned starving of wives if they refuse their husband’s sexual demands?

And why almost two months later did Robert Gibbs have to correct himself as to how the White House viewed the “election” of the Iranian Hitler?

2009 and the world is letting Iran get away with this.

Video proof that the Basiji are shooting at people in the street.

Basiji are standing on the roof of a building. Men in the street are standing around, shouting what I believe is “Neda” among other things and some are throwing rocks. Then shots ring out. They shoot a man right below them – he falls to the ground. Bystanders immediately run over to help the man and carry him away while other protesters keep throwing rocks – all the while the Basij are still right overhead with loaded weapons.

Such courage and do they even know that the world is aware of what is happening to them?

You decide whether to watch. I believe this was take on 6-23-09. (Shots 1:00)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


One of those emails:

We are not living in the Middle Ages — no government can suppress its people today, by humiliating them, beating them, arresting them and killing them. If any government can still get away with all this, then what is the role of the international community and what would be the difference between today and 1,500 years ago?

So what does this say about us as human beings?


It is a sign of weakness. It demonstrates, I think, better than any of us could ever say, that this Iranian leadership is afraid of their own people, and afraid of the truth and the facts coming out.


Neda Agha-Soltan murdered June 20, 2009 while standing peaceably on the street.

(1982 – 2009)

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