FACTS about barry’s birth certificate

August 16, 2009

birth certificate posts

FACT: Not a single person can name barry’s actual physical birthplace.

FACT:  In June 2009, Snopes “factcheck” and UPI changed their websites from saying barry was born at Queens Hospital to Kapi’olani.

FACT: At the same time, Kapi’olani Hospital took down the “letter” from barry saying he was born there.

FACT: Robert Gibbs said he did not know the exact name of the hospital.

FACT: Robert Gibbs lied when he said the “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” is on the internet.

FACT: Robert Gibbs later said he knew it wasn’t a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

FACT: barry led to the creation of the “birtherism” by not releasing his actual BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

FACT: barry has seen and once had (may still have) in his possession a copy of his original BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

FACT: barry knows what is on the original BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

FACT: He knew 100% that what was placed on the internet was NOT his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

FACT: Therefore, the President of the United States has been party to intentional fraud meant to mislead The American People.

FACT: The barrymedia has repeatedly and consistently perpetuated the deception.

FACT: Chris Matthews and Rick Sanchez held up documents and lied that it was barry’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

FACT: Factcheck is directly partisan to barry.

FACT: Factcheck, Fight the Smears, Snopes and Politifact all lied and called it a “BIRTH CERTIFICATE”.

FACT: Therefore, their entire “factcheck” was rendered meaningless.

FACT: Fight the Smears website set up specifically to address the BIRTH CERTIFICATE issue declared barry a native born citizen.

FACT: Fight the Smears was taken offline and has suddenly reappeared.

FACT: The two 48 y/o birth notices are not proof that barry was born in Hawaii.

FACT: No one alive can vouch where the information printed in the papers came from.

FACT: The notices do not contain the actual place of birth – neither the city, country or  hospital.

FACT: The notices do not state barry’s name.

FACT: The only verifiable information on the notices – the address – no one can firsthand prove barry actually lived there.

FACT: What was placed on the internet is a CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH – not a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.


FACT: A CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH is the proper name of the original BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

FACT: That CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH alone is not proof barry was born in Hawaii.

FACT: Contrary to multiple media reports – the CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH has not been given to a disinterested third party to be vetted.

FACT: No one in Hawaii has vouched for that image on the internet passed off as barry’s CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH.

FACT: barry could get a CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH if he was not born in Hawaii.

FACT: What Dr Fukino vouched for and that CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH have not been connected in any fashion.

FACT: Janice Okubo and the registrar looked at the CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH Politifact sent them and concluded: “I don’t know that it’s possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents.”

FACT: Dr Fukino changed the wording from “original BIRTH CERTIFICATE” to “original vital recordS”.

FACT: Dr Fukino cannot declare barry to be a “natural born” citizen.

FACT: barry declared himself to be a native born citizen.

FACT: barry has full and free access to his original BIRTH CERTIFICATE and can obtain a copy at any time.

FACT: barry can stop the controversy by producing his actual BIRTH CERTIFICATE.


Until someone can name barry’s ACTUAL PHYSICAL BIRTHPLACE – no one can say he was born in Hawaii, the United States or anywhere else.

And until his ACTUAL PHYSICAL BIRTHPLACE is known, the release of his BIRTH CERTIFICATE is most definitely a legitimate issue.

2 Responses to “FACTS about barry’s birth certificate”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Mr Ed(s) –

    You’ve gone from singular to plural and are now accusing me of vicious! attacks!! on both barry! and The Law!!! which threaten the very fabric of our Constitution without a shred of that “hard, admissible-in-court evidence you reference”.

    You’re not calling me a usurper, are you?

    Dontcha know I’m holed up in my parents’ basement, safely shielded from cancer-causing UV radiation and mind-altering microwaves by Reynolds-wrapped, psycho-manifesto-insulated windows, wearing my deluxe model pointy tinfoil hat impaled with five rubber-banded wire-hanger antennae that tune and attune my neurotransmitter-depleted dendrites into the proper frequency in the sixth parallel universe three trillion light years from the sun, the moon, and the stars, as I subsist on Pop Tarts and Mountain Dew, the empty cans stacked floor to ceiling to form an impenetrable force field so the G-men in dark suits and sunglasses and those giggly little green Martians can’t manipulate my thoughts or view my never-ever-exposed-to-natural-light face cosmically aglow from the reflected light of the ten-foot panel of Kryptonite-powered computer screens that regulate my vital functions through the two thousand webcam orifices that were surgically excised to thwart the CIA from using Google Earth to monitor my every move from the seven satellites orbiting Saturn, as I pen paranoid rants and hunt and peck racist conspiracy theories with my two permanently Cheeto-stained index fingers that make it impossible for the NSA to capture my keystrokes.

    Now, Mr Ed(s), how could I commit any crime–other than self-immolation–when SWAT has the premises surrounded 24/7 and Special Forces snipers are perched on the telephone poles and positioned on the neighbors’ roofs and all those folks who are always after me hover piranha-like on my porches?

    Maybe if my intergalactic super powers were to return long enough, I could slip by using the 30-second invisible mode or 45-second time machine and then I could camouflage myself with one of those generic biohazard suits the DEA agents are always wearing because they’re convinced my three hundred-year-old vampire parents are running a meth lab since there’s no furniture other than their coffins, which is why the US Marshal Service is staked out in identical utility vans in the hopes of abducting me into the witness protection program.

    But even then I would have to outsmart the Pop Tart-sniffing bomb squad dogs, circumvent the Homeland Security barbed-wire-enclosed “reeducation” camps for barry naysayers, civilian militias, extremists, disgruntled veterans and of course bithers, truthers and deathers. I would have to somehow survive an intentional bioterroristic misting of man-made viruses meant to do the unthinkable. And I would have to navigate through the E.coli-infested and homeless-strewn sewer system and then paddle past the half-men half-sea horse Navy Seals lounging about Spongebob Squarepants spare clam shell.

    Granted my gills, webbed toes, mermaid tail and dorsal fin would make fast work of it, but I would risk detection by the nuclear-propelled fleet of Russian subs lurking in coastal waters that are manned by robotic Secret Service Agents that are impervious to any and all man-made attacks–vicious! or otherwise—to make sure no humanoid can access barry’s real “birth”place!!!

  2. mattie14 Says:

    Sorry Ed.

    There is no physical trail of those notices.

    Yes, there was a usual way of doing it but there is no one to vouch that it happened in the “usual” fashion.

    There is no name listed – you cannot say it was Barack Obama Jr.

    There was no hospital, country or actual naming of the physical birthplace – so, by definition, no one can state with surety where he was born.

    No one person – even Gibbs – knows for certain what hospital barry was born in – if in fact he was born in one at all.

    The one verifiable thing – the address – no one can prove barry or his parents lived there.

    barry has never released a “certificate”.

    He released a CERTIFICATION of Live Birth that has not been proven to have come from what Dr Fukino looked at.

    That link says it is a “certified copy”.

    No way to prove that – the back image is not shown in entirety nor is the entire seal.

    Why is it none of you can answer why he hasn’t just released it?

    Why is it none of you realize this became an issue because of barry. That it is still an issue because of barry. And that it will remain an legitimate issue until someone can state barry’s actual physical birthplace and back it up with corroboratable proof.

    It does not get any clearer than that.

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