Anti-birther: Dr Jerrod Post: “Paranoia is the most political of mental illnesses”

August 4, 2009

birth certificate posts

Dr Jerrold Post, psychiatrist, Director of the Political Psychology Program at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs spoke with LIZ HALLORAN [her thoughts] at NPR and the “birthers”.  He believes that “birthers” are not only racists they are mentally ill.


Keeping the story alive, and trying to invalidate the first African-American president (one with a Kenyan-born father) — well, that’s the point.

This whole us-versus-them psychology is central to politics, and hate-mongering leaders will exploit this to the fare-thee-well.

Paranoia is the most political of mental illnesses.

You need to have enemies.

What are the chances Dr Post has personally spoken to whomever he imagines a “birther” to be?

How often do psychiatrists – even CIA trained profilers – diagnose an entire group of people whom they have never met?

Dr Post, please share your eminent wisdom and use your CIA contacts to reveal the name of barry’s actual physical birthplace so all the racist paranoids can get their answer.

Thank you.

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