Brian Williams: barry’s birthplace still blog fodder

Kelly, I’ve run down most of the things you asked for in the drafts. Many I thought were already posted. I don’t have the time to hand transcribe – so if I can’t find a transcript that’s it. I agree it’s best to transcribe in case the videos disappear but I’m the only citizen left and the things they say are always the same anyway.

July 22, 2009

birth certificate posts

If there is anyone on the planet that needs for barry to be totally legit it’s Brian Williams. Not only professionally, but personally as well. It was clear he lost all objectivity during the primaries, but his bowing to barry went way over the line.

Watch and realize he knows it’s a legitimate issue and not a crazy conspiracy. He shows the Lady in Red going after Rep Castle that took place 3 weeks earlier. (June 3oth)

Why did he wait so long to show it?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


It’s the question that won’t seem go away — even though it’s been answered.

Note how he is careful to say “answered” not “proven”.

The issue of the president’s birthplace and American citizenship has become a kind of conspiracy theory.

No one has named barry’s actual physical birthplace. Even the hospitals aren’t saying. And until that is known – by definition – no one can say he was born in Hawaii. Very simple issue.

Alot of us live with this issue – we asked about it, we get emails.

And what has he down about it? Relied on 48 y/o newspaper notices that are meaningless. Is that what Mr Cronkite would have done?

He brings in Pete Williams who quotes unnamed legal scholars who say barry’s a natural born because he was born on US soil – even though no one knows where. He mentions that lawsuits have been brought and thrown out – implying that they were actually heard and that the judge ruled on evidence. He says nothing about standing.

Has the media always been like this?

To Pete Williams – Again listen to his careful selection of words.

Pete, no matter how untrue, this comes up at a lot of public gatherings, now.


Yes, and Members of Congress say they hear this question often, too.

One even said he is reluctant to advertise townhall meetings because he’s concerned questions about this will drown out everything else.

Where’s he hiding now?

Funny isn’t it? They thought the ladies in red were bad?

And why is it they never realize why it isn’t going away – will never go away – until barry ends it? And that’s it’s barry’s fault in the first place.


But it hasn’t gone away, becoming a staple of blogs [WND] and Conservative talk radio. [Lou and Rush]

And lawsuits challenging the president’s citizenship have been filed in and thrown out of courts across the country.

But legal experts, Liberal and Conservative alike, are in widespread agreement that Obama is fully qualified.

Qualified is very different than eligible. And it’s becoming increasingly clear he is not at all qualified.

The Constitution says that only a natural born citizen can be president. Though the Supreme Court has never said exactly what that means, legal authorities agree that at least it covers anyone actually born inside the United States.

Then he shows the folded COLB and says it’s barry’s birth certificate and then tries to mislead folks that barry couldn’t get a copy of his original birth certificate.


Obama’s campaign long ago released his bIrth certificate, showing that he was born in Hawaii after it joined the Union.

State officials say Hawaiian law blocks the release of documents signed by doctors the day he was born…

Blocks the release to non-authorized parties. barry can get his and he can authorize you or the Queen of England to get a copy of it.

…but issued a statement, saying they had personally seen and verified it.

It. And then it’s the newspaper notices.

And the Honolulu Advertiser Newspaper faxed us its births announcements from August 13, 1961, noting that a son wsa born to Mr and Mrs Barack Obama.

Once Conservative talk show host considers the citizenship issue frivolous.

Wonder how many he asked.


We are just, right now, getting traction on some of the issues regarding President Obama – his expansion of government, his spending.

Uh, this-this is resonating with the American People. This is a terrible distraction and makes us look crazy and angry and fringy and irresponsible.


Similar questions have dogged other presidential candidates. John McCain was born in the Panama Canal – Barry Goldwater born in Arizona when it was still a territory and Mitt Romney’s father was born in Mexico.

And in 1881, when Chester Aurthur become president, his political opponents questioned whether he was actually born in Vermont or somewhat further north – in Canada.


So many conspiracy theories, so little time.

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