2008: Honolulu Advertiser: No hospital given

August 23, 2009

birth certificate posts

Here one of  the major Hawaiian newspapers – the Honolulu Advertiser – does this special spread on barry – all professional like and detailed and what’s missing? The HOSPITAL. And what do we keep hearing is the anti-conspiracy proof? The birth notices. The little bots have made that perfectly clear on their postings. They have gone into great detail as to how it was generated and “we must assume that it is real” and yet there is absolutely no trail. No one alive who says yes I took the phone call or whatever. And the only thing on the notice is the address that no one has proven he lived at and in fact there is credible testimony that he did not.

So would this be admissible as evidence?


And yet Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews have changed their tune from he released the birth certificate to the newspaper notices.

July 28, 2009 Honolulu Advertiser article goes into great deal again into Mrs Nordyke and her twins that were born the day after 8-5-1961 and shows the birth certificates of her twins, which clearly have no resemblance to that COLB on barry’s website. Here they are trying to prove once again the importance of the birth notices in the trail of barry’s birth – but make no mention of trying to track down the hospital records – instead they use Mrs Nordyke’s testimony that Ann Dunham was there.

The Advertiser has also made no attempt – as far as I am aware track – to down anyone in the notice to confirm how the information for the records was actually sent for their family member. And what didn’t they ask Mrs Nordyke for? A copy of her birth notices for the children. Wouldn’t that be the slam dunk? And shouldn’t her children’s be in there somewhere?

Again, I don’t know what has happened as far as the investigation of these birth notices because they are meaningless. Absolutely meaningless should barry’s case ever be brought to court.

Is it enough to laugh and ridicule the birthers?


But why at the very least wasn’t there a copy from their paper of the birth notice – tying themselves directly to barry?

birth notice advertiser

Mr and Mrs Barack H Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy, son, Aug 4 notice was run in the Aug. 13, 1961, edition of The Honolulu Advertiser. The identical announcement appeared the next day in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

So here are screenshots from their big spread.

“Barack Obama: The Making of a Presidential Candidate”

“Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s ties to Hawaii run deep. Born to an American woman and a Kenyan student in Honolulu in 1961, Obama was raised in the Islands by his mother and her parents.

Now what deeper tie to Hawaii is there than being born in a Hawaii hospital?

Main page

hono adv bio hs

Biography: Born: Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii….and the hospital so proud of being the hospital the first native born Hawaiian president was born in?


Tell me why they wouldn’t add their own connection – the birth notice?

And why wouldn’t they know the hospital?

Remember with barry – it’s not what they show – it’s what’s missing – and what they go to great lengths to make sure is never shown = original birth certificate.

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