“Fight the Smears” = completely worthless

August 22, 2009

Birth certificate posts


I thought I’d take a new look at the Fight The Smears site now that it has reappeared. And what’s there is so in your face arrogant and shamelessly fraudulent — even after all this time — all I can do is laugh.

There are only two cited references meant to back up FTS’s extensive factchecking as pertains to barry’s “BIRTH CERTIFICATE”. The other, of course, is from Factchect.org, run by Annenberg, the same Annenberg barry worked for as in founder of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which makes it completely meaningless. See here for direct connection.

FTS Screenshot

wapo flag city

Out of thousands of articles in existence that actually attempt to “debunk smears”, barry’s official campaign website: “Fight The Smears” quotes this piece of campaign propaganda. It’s dated June 30, 2008 and consists of different folks’ quotes from “Flag City, USA” in order to detail rumors and myths and highlight prejudices of small town USA. It is not in any way factually based and arguably directed at white guilt and identity politics. And that actual sentence is written by the writer with absolutely nothing to back it up. Nothing.

Just like everything else with barry – just enough truth to make it sound right but when you look into the actual words and the source it’s a fraud.

And the writer? Good old barryrag Washington Post’s ELI SASLOW has quite the crush on barry – though it wouldn’t show up in Harlequinnian Fabioesque words for 6 more months. Listen to this salivation about barry’s manboobs. It’s an excerpt from Saslow’s breathless journal entry that graced the front page on 12/25/08.

Dare I say there was a little tit for tat going on?

SASLOW: Between workouts during his Hawaii vacation this week, he was photographed looking like the paradigm of a new kind of presidential fitness, one geared less toward preventing heart attacks than winning swimsuit competitions. The sun glinted off chiseled pectorals sculpted during four weightlifting sessions each week, and a body toned by regular treadmill runs and basketball games.

So why wouldn’t barry release his medical records?


flag city byline

So just how did the Washington Post “debunk smears” and in the process “confirm barack’s citizenship”?


wapo peteman

With SASLOW’s OWN WORDS. It’s not even a quote from the citizen. And they fraudulently – in plain sight – misrepresented it if were to be worth anything, clipping it without […] as if it were the final conclusion of a logical argument made by an archivist or genealogist when in reality the “truth” was from the writer with no empiric anything.

As for the “debunk smears” as far as barry’s non Muslimism?

They referenced a woman who was born in Hawaii who read “both” of his autobiographies.

wapo fts haw auto

So how did “The Washington Post Debunks Smears, Confirms Barack’s Citizenship?

The words of a Washington Post writer with an abnormal affection for barry and a woman, who just happened to be from Hawaii –  completely irrelevant but meant to confuse – who has read barry’s books of mythology.

That’s it.

Completely worthless.

Fight The Smears cites => a barryally the Washington Post’s own words + barry’s own words.

And where does the link go that was – with great care – placed next to the word “truth” as if the truth that followed was derived from a reliable source?

Washington Post’s own “Voter Database”:

wapo source

Which is official enough looking for folks to stop there. But if one follows the source?

You get this very official looking page on The Biographical Directory of the United States Congress with just the last sentence added that references his inauguration:

wapo source 2

And the Bibliography?

extended bio wapo

barry’s books of mythology peppered with noncorroboratable “facts”. And many of the few that are verifiable were found to be complete fairy tales – most notably the recounting (x 2) of the exact moment of his racial awakening, forcing him to state in the preface of the second printing of “Dreams” that the characters he had prior to stood steadfastly behind were indeed composites.

Now where do you think Office of History and Preservation, Office of the Clerk, Black Americans in Congress, 1870–2007. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 2008 got their information from??


1) Both quotes sourced by Fight the Smears are sympathetic to barry = worthless.

2) Factcheck at least tries a scientific factchecking but still worthless because they call the COLB his “birth certificate” – as does Fight the Smears = worthless.

3) Washington Post – the quote cited is partial and are simply the words of an admitted barryfan with nothing to support it = worthless.

4) References used lead back to barry’s book = worthless.


Completely worthless.

And you folks who did what you were told?

Next time someone talks about Barack’s birth certificate, make sure they see this page.

Did you even read it?

Next up: Debunking the utter lies in Factcheck’s and Politifact’s “factchecks” and conclusions.

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