Birthers, by definition, cannot be called conspiracists…

August 25, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts #2

…until the birth certificate is shown, the absolute truth is known, and they are proven wrong.

I was thinking about what Glenn Beck said re: birthers (video). He said that there was no way to get rid of conspiracies and that barry releasing his birth certificate wouldn’t matter. Then he went on to compare birthers to the “moon rock” in the Smithsonian as proof of the lunar landing. A common example used as justification in the anti-birthers’ rantings.

But the two are not even close to being comparable. The moon rock doesn’t come with a chiseled in date, time of collection, date of collection, like a birth certificate does. Secondly, there is more than ample evidence that the lunar landing occurred – besides the film (ok could be doctored = COLB), there are eyewitnesses – actual people who can be questioned as to being there and their stories crosschecked and loads of paperwork..

And barry?

Not a single hospital attendant or worker or anyone else has come forward.

Why doesn’t anyone find that unusual?

And the paperwork has not even been released to counteract the conspiracy theorists.

You can’t quell a conspiracy theory unless there is proof that the initial event occurred.

And that the event occurred in a different fashion than the “conspiracists” believe.

You have to prove that it is in fact a conspiracy and that is done by showing incontrovertible evidence that the real event took place. And that can’t be done with the birth certificate issue because no one knows what’s on what Dr Fukino saw. And even with that there was no mention of the exact physical location of barry’s birth.

Nothing can be presumed to be true when there is better evidence.

One can’t say it is a conspiracy when the full truth is not known.

And the full truth is not known: no one knows the exact physical location.

In fact, if anything, it is more of a conspiracy the other way. Some non-vouched for 48 y/o notices, a document (COLB) that has never been vetted by the guy who signs them and one doctor saying it’s there and oh by the way he’s a natural born citizen.

Doesn’t wash. He has to show it. It can only become a conspiracy once definitive proof is shown – which no matter how many bots say to the contrary – it has not. There is still available evidence to be seen and as long as there is more definitive evidence — in this case, the gold standard of evidence exists.

Which could stop the “conspiracy theories” cold.

So the “birthers”- no matter how whacked out their particular belief or theory – whether they believe he was born in Kenya or he gave up his citizenship or whatever – have a legitimate question. Definitive proof exists (so we are told). And until that is seen and vetted – no one can prove they are conspiracists.

You show definitive, vetted proof and if they don’t believe it — only then do they become conspiracists.

One Response to “Birthers, by definition, cannot be called conspiracists…”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hello Senator:

    Why do you keep lying about the same old things?

    That might fly on other websites – but not this one. Our readers are educated on the facts.

    Just the fact you changed your wording from BIRTH CERTIFICATE to CERTIFICATION of Live Birth proves all your previous words worthless – just like Factcheck’s and Politico’s and Snopes’.

    You say this:

    As you probably know, no president has shown proof of citizenship before Obama.

    As you know, no president’s actual physical birthplace is unknown. You can talk about proof and this and that – but there is one thing you cannot tell me: barry’s actual birthplace.

    The usual response of the birthers to this fact is that no president before had had his place of birth questioned.

    This is true
    , but it is only the birthers who question his place of birth, and they do so without the slightest proof that Obama was born anywhere else. Indeed, they often deliberately twist the truth, and sometimes they lie.

    You cannot say he was NOT born in Africa or planet Venus until he shows prove of where he WAS BORN.

    If this ever went to court – as if – the very first thing the judge would ask to see is the original birth certificate before he even decided to go forward with general discovery. If you don’t know that then I would question your law training.

    This is you biggest LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE yet:

    “and which the officials in Hawaii have confirmed that they sent to him.”

    Hawaii has NEVER confirmed they sent barry anything. That COLB has not IN ANY WAY been connected to what Dr Fukino saw.

    In fact, the registrar, WHO CERTIFIES AND SIGNS THE COLBs and WHO SAW WHAT DR FUKINO SAW said he most definitely DID NOT send a COLB out and when he looked the copy he got from Politifact said he could not tell for certain what that “image” represented.

    You have never explained that glaring PC mistake on the COLB – with barry sr’s race listed as “African”. He would have been listed as “Negro”.

    TRUTH: Factcheck is completely worthless. barry is directly connected to Annenberg. The fact that you keeping lying about this makes the rest of your words suspect. I’ll bet you $100 you don’t know the connection.

    LIE: barry could not get a COLB if he was born outside Hawaii.

    He absolutely could prior to 1972. Why do you keep lying about that? It makes the rest of your words suspect.


    The newspaper notices are themselves proof.

    There is ONE verifiable fact on those notices – the address – which barry or his parents never lived at.

    “original birth certificate in the file.”

    Why did Dr Fukino change the terminology from “original birth certificate” to “original vital records” in her second statement?


    Does this mean Obama was born in Hawaii? “Yes,” said Hawaii Health Department spokeswoman Janice Okubo, in both email and telephone interviews with the Tribune. “That’s what Dr. Fukino is saying.

    She never saw the original. And that worthless conversation has been superceeded by Dr Fukino’s second statement. Time to update your cut & paste.

    WORTHLESS: That woman in Buffalo. It is hearsay as you should know, counselor. Not a single person in Hawaii has come forward.


    Obama’s sister said that he was born at a different hospital — not true, she was misquoted.

    She was not misquoted and barry also said he was born at two different hospitals.


    Hawaii now sends out only the Certification of Live Birth.

    True. But barry has free unlimited access to a copy of his original birth certificate.


    unless Obama has a copy of the original

    HE SAID SO. And you know that.

    MISLEADING: proof of birth in Hawaii by the US State Department for issuing passports.

    State Dept proof is not proof of NBC. And Dr Fukino cannot declare barry a “NBC” when even the Supreme Court has not done so.


    The fault is with Hawaii, which no longer sends out copies of the original birth certificate but only sends out the Certification of Live Birth.


    And Hawaii has a policy of not sending out copies of the original to anyone.

    Anyone other than barry and folks with legitimate access. He can get it at any time. He can okay me to get a copy. He can okay you to get one. He can okay every single citizen in the US to get a copy.


    It discredits absolutely everything else you have written.


    The original exists.

    He has not shown it.

    There is nothing stopping him from showing it.

    And no matter how many words you cut and paste it is not going to change the fact that:


    And until then:



    And why are you still on the birth certificate?

    It’s moved past that.

    I don’t actually believe barry sr is barry jr’s father. If you look at pix after pix of the two together there is not one facial feature in common between them. Not one. And I am certain the forensic skull overlap will/has already proven that.

    And barry left plenty of utensils and glasses to obtain his DNA from, which as you know, Counselor, is perfectly legal if obtained in a public place – even for the POTUS.

    What you may not know is DNA can be tested from folks of “African” descent and the location in Africa from whence their ancestors arose — sometimes down to the exact tribe (I imagine even the Luo) — can be determined.

    They certainly have no trouble determining if the DNA is of East African or West African origin.

    And the testing can be accomplished in complete anonymity without need of comparison from a relative.

    What is more gold standard than a birth certificate?


    And you better update your cut and paste to include some BS to discredit that.

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