barry “loves the controversy” about his birth certificate

August 25, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts #2

One other thing consider Beck’s anti-birther logic. (video). He says that barry loves the controversy – that it’s good for him because it marginalizes anyone who brings it up.

Well, in a way it does – it marginalizes the folks who can’t make it from 1–4.

1) The original exists.
2) He hasn’t produced it.
3) Allegations that it’s a fraud/incomplete.
4) Produce the original and be done with it.

Beck stops at 3 and so do the bots, the media and everyone else. They go in circles trying to prove it’s a fraud:

3a) COLB is enough even without explaining the “African” or other inconsistencies with no proof it came from the original.

3b) They are still confused and say that barry released his BIRTH CERTIFACTE when he did not.

3c) Birth notices – 48 years ago – how could they have thought this up as in premeditated?

Problem is they immediately assume that if it was forged it was so he could become president when there are other reasons – simply be a citizen.

3d) Why would he do such a thing – as in why would he release it now when they will still think it’s a conspiracy – covered that here.

3e) The people questioning are crazy….instead of going right to 4.

Try it out with any kid. Make up a story using a $50. Each time the kid will go 1-2-4. 3 is only used when you don’t want to go to 4.

Simple argument: I ask what’s in your hand. You tell me you have a $50 bill. I ask to see it. Instead of showing me right there – you call a friend. He takes a picture of it and then “reassures” me it is a $50. Of course, I don’t believe him – so I say c’mon just show me. You tell me to go look at his website where he’s posted a picture of one side of it. I look at the site and wonder why I have to look at an image of something when you could just show me the real thing. I ask again. You refuse. Well, now I’m really curious, so I try to look for myself. I find out only you can tell me. I ask again. You say no – ask my friend – he’s already told you it’s a $50. Now I’m irked. It’s becoming clear the only logical explanation is that it is not a $50 and may not be money at all. So I go about trying to compel you to show me what you willingly told me you had. You refuse and retreat behind your lawyers. I persist. You resist. I conclude you have to be hiding something because you are spending much more than $50 trying to prove to me that it’s a $50 when all you have to do is show me.

2 Responses to “barry “loves the controversy” about his birth certificate”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hello Jack.

    Perhaps I was unclear.

    Kapiolani removed that letter from their website sixty minutes after the WND story was published. Meaning their story had only been up for an hour. I can’t imagine it became a “distraction” in an hour.

    You also sidestepped the issue of why Snopes and suddenly changed their hospitals when no new information came to light to cause them to change it.

    No admittance by the hospital, by the WH, by Hawaii newspapers, by barry’s sister. The only thing that changed was WND’s story. And in less than three hours – each site had changed their websites.

    That is not a sudden enlightenment by three different sites – that is someone tipping them off. Wikipedia has also changed their entries – having first posted Queen’s.

    Unless something has happened in the last few days – Kapiolani said they received an authentic letter from barry and that it is in the hospital framed somewhere. But they have not come out and said that barry was born there.

    And the WH still refuses confirm/deny that the letter was sent and there is no WH record of it being sent.

    So, again, there is no confirmed proof of barry’s actual physical birthplace.

    Logic dictates that Robert Gibbs – if that letter was indeed sent and authentic and barry was actually born at Kapiolani – would have made that clear when he was pointedly asked which hospital barry was born in.

    Instead he said he didn’t know the name.

    As far as politijab – I’m not interested. They have sourced us several times – showing up as a referrer – and yet we were unable to see what or in what context we were sourced. That delegitimizes their site.

    I also find it curious that many a folk in the last month have suggested joining politijab. And not just here – I’ve seen it on other sites.

  2. mattie14 Says:

    Hey Jack.

    You don’t know what hospital you were born in? Were you adopted?

    No matter – it has nothing to do with my question. barry knows exactly what is on the long form. He admitted in Dreams to having a copy of it. He knows with 100% certainty that what he posted was not a digital image of his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    The letter you said Kapi’olani off their website because of a distraction?

    “Not because it doesn’t exist, but because it was becoming a distraction.”

    “The inquiries about it became a distraction in running our hospital,” she said.”

    They took it down an hour after WND ran a story on it. 60 minutes.

    How much distraction could have been caused in an hour?

    And not only that they removed it from their pdf newsletter. How many people were looking at that during the hour?

    And 90 minutes after the story was run Snopes (said they had done a complete factcheck on barry) changed the hospital of barry’s from Queens to Kapi’olani.

    UPI.COM also had a sudden change in hospital. Their 2008 article said barry was born in Queens and shortly after Snopes changed their “factcheck” from Queens to Kapi’olani – so did UPI. The “author made a mistake”.

    Mind you the article was originally posted on November 4, 2008 and spontaneously in the same time period that Snopes changed theirs and Kapi’olani took down the letter – UPI realizes their author made a mistake 8 MONTHS previous?

    Not happening.

    The Honolulu Advertiser that ran those notices 48 years ago? The notices that were allegedly published from information from the hospital? They don’t even claim to know the hospital. They did an entire spread on barry and his close ties to Hawaii and yet didn’t name the hospital – the most important “tie” to Hawaii there is.

    On July 13, 2009 – after the letter had been up for 7 months and down for just a few days Robert Gibbs – barry’s spokesman – said this:

    I don’t have the letter at my fingertips, obviously, and I don’t know the name of the exact hospital.

    The WH press secretary doesn’t know where the president was born after over a year of controversy?

    And that letter was allegedly an official White House communique on official White House stationery with an official signature of the President of the United States that the WH press secretary had no knowledge of?

    It was dated January 24th, a Saturday, when there had been a grand total of 13 releases/statements since Gibbs was on duty and there is no record of it having been sent on the official WH site. barry gave his radio address and Gibbs put out an official statement. That’s it for the day.

    Please tell me the exact reasons why the cases have been dismissed?

    If you knew anything about this site – you would know that the lawsuits don’t have bearing on anything and that we have nothing to do with any of them.

    There is one question that needs answering: what is barry’s actual physical birthplace?

    What you’ve provided does not answer that.

    Nor has anyone explained why barry doesn’t just release it if he has nothing to hide.

    Asking to see his penis — besides disgusting, uncouth and an unnecessary thing to write in a comment section of a blog you know nothing about — is a tad of an exaggeration. Please name what non-birther site you read that and provide a source. My guess us you can’t.

    Bottom line: Name that hospital.

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