eBay Kenyan birth certificate owner vs WND (Pt 1)

August 29, 2009

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Take it or leave it. There seems to be a spat amongst Orly Taitz and WND and WND and Lucas Smith’s copy of the Kenyan Birth Certificate. Smith is the guy who was trying to see the birth certificate on eBay. See here for his video of the alleged birth certificate.

August 25th WND declared the “eBay Kenyan birth certificate” a fraud. In this video Smith rebuts them with the following information.

Inspector Smith

This is what Smith is saying on the video. What caught my ear in the video is Smith says he has an “agent”.

From YouTube:

Part One of Lucas Smith debunks WND s disinformation that was put forth on August 25, 2009 by Jerome Corsi, Drew Zahn and Joseph Farah at World Net Daily.

Published 1960
Annual Report on the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya
Great Britain, Colonial Office
Page # 60.

You’ll find the hospitals name, COAST PROVINCE GENERAL HOSPITAL. This book was published one year before Barack Obamas birth.
Published 2002
East African Doctors: a history of the modern profession.
Page # 108.

You’ll find the name of a hospital that Dr. James Angawa worked at in 1960, Port Reitz Hospital. This hospital was 8 miles away from Mombasa and Coast Province General Hospital. You can Google Book search both books and then search for the hospital’s name in the first book and then the doctor’s name in the second book.

You’ll notice that WND has tried to bury their article entitled, eBay birth certificate called fraud. Hospital refuses to authenticate document. You can’t keyword search for it on their website anymore. But you can still find it at this link on their server, http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE….

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