eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate video

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August 28, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts #2

Here is the “eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate” from Lucas Smith. It provides a footprint, date, weight, DOB, parents, attending doctor, a seal, signature of witness and also has a stamp of the hospital administrator  (Feb 19, 2009) as well as his email and phone number.

Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 1 video)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 2 & 3)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 4)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 5)

Enhanced eBay birth certificate video
Court Affidavit Lucas Smith
Court copy of eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate

I find the video strange for a couple of reasons. He doesn’t identify where he is but he identifies where he is from and his date of birth. Why?

He also takes video shots of the “document” sideways when he could have just as easily done it straight up and down. He also does not show the back of it. Why?

He expects the viewer to automatically assume he is Africa somewhere because of the children, who are standing calmly in a row at the top of the stairs. Why?

Why is this girl so angry?

angry girl

He makes no explanation as to why he picked that area to make his video. Maybe this is explained somewhere else but it is very strange. The area looks decrepit but the kids are well-dressed, well-fed and appear healthy except for the cough of a young child with asthma. The girls have their hair neatly braided or pulled back with plastic colored barettes. This girl is not happy with what is happening but it’s not clear why.


It does have one forensic value – the soleprint. It looks of very good character (almost too dark for almost 50 years old) which may lead to ridge detail. The pattern on a newborn’s sole – just like their fingerpads do not change as one ages. There a few medical conditions and of course trauma – but otherwise they remain the same.

Here are a few details picked up from the video: three shirt logo/detail. I tried to rotate – didn’t work.

enlarged script t-shirtblue-yell-green t-shirtstar t-shirt

One Response to “eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate video”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    [As I wrote to you in the previous post where you pasted your comment.]

    Hello Counselor –

    Perhaps you are not aware your fellow bot got exposed trying to scrub wiki. Curiously, the link she initially provided went nowhere — though I just checked to see what the smarter bot did to cover and sure enough it now goes to the Kenyan Office of Public Relations.

    Smoke and mirrors.

    What she could not change is the map. Kenya stands out in purple, which means they use both mm-dd-yyyy and dd-mm-yyyy.

    Getting a little weary in your struggle to convince folks able to think logically that barry isn’t hiding anything?

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