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Judge Carter Minutes (9-28)

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009


Judge Carter allows Taitz to file surreply

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits
Barnett/Keyes v Obama potential court timeline
Judge Carter Minutes (9-28)

Orly Taitz was granted a response to the defendants’ motion to dismiss. Not sure how she  came up with the claim that Judge Land conceded Capt Rhodes standing but as such – since the defendants’ motion to dismiss was in part based on lack of standing, Judge Carter granted her motion. Taitz has till October 1st and it must be less than 10 pages. Something tells me Taitz is going to need that $10K – Judge Land is not going to be pleased to be included.

What’s  her “co-counsel” Gary Kreep is up to besides hawking donations in the birtherfomercial?

Click top right for full screen.

As always, thanks to Jack Ryan.

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What lurks behind the smiling mask?

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

Proof that barry is just a cyborg created by the corrupt media.


Eric Spiegelman, of the blog “Bus Your Own Tray,” noticed something fabulous while scanning the State Department’s flickr page: Barack Obama’s smile is amazingly consistent.

On Wednesday, the Obamas hosted a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and posed for over a hundred photographs with foreign leaders in town for the big UN meeting. His smile never changed.

Sen Feingold re: barry’s State Secrets Privilege

September 29, 2009

September 27, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits
DOJ memo: New State Secrets Policies and Procedures
Policies, Procedures re: Invocation of the State Secrets Privilege

Senator Russ Feingold re: barry’s “new policy” on the State Secrets Privilege

September 23

Sen Russ Feingold (D-WI),  cosponsor of the State Secrets Protection Act, legislation to provide guidance to federal courts considering cases in which the government has asserted the state secrets privilege, made the following statement:

The Bush administration’s approach to state secrets was wrong-headed, causing significant public distrust and potentially shielding government wrongdoing and embarrassing mistakes behind a questionable legal doctrine.  While I am pleased that the Obama administration recognizes that the Bush approach was a mistake, its new policy is disappointing because it still amounts to an approach of  ‘just trust us.’  Independent court review of the government’s use of the state secrets privilege is essential. I urge the administration to work with Congress to develop legislation that sets reasonable limits on the privilege and will not be subject to change under each successive president.

FDA approves H1N1 vaccine

September 29, 2009

September 20, 2009

Amazing how as things progress…they have enough for everyone…instead of two shots it will just be one…the dose will be half what they expected…vaccine will be ready sooner than expected…folks can be vaccinated for seasonal/H1N1 flu at the same time.

What folks seem to not realize is that more people will die of the seasonal flu than will of H1N1 and that some of the deaths that would normally be attributed to seasonal flu will be attributed to the H1N1.

These words seem ominous to me.


We will have enough vaccine available for everyone.

The plan is to begin the large-scale vaccination program in mid-October in as many as 90,000 sites.

Problem being – not everyone needs to get vaccinated.


Literally, hundreds of millions of people have gotten the flu vaccine, and certainly my kids (ages 5 and 15) will be getting the H1N1 vaccine when it becomes available for everybody.

Source: CNN

Is H1N1 vaccine more dangerous that the flu?

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

Updated H1N1 posts/symptoms/vaccine

Some believe that the adjuvants added to the vaccine pose a greater risk than the H1N1 flu. Know also that the virulence of the H1N1 virus is decreasing.

Dr KENT HOLTPROF Infectious Diseases Specialist says it is and refuses to take it himself or vaccinate his children. He has seen problems with folks wit Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.


NY TIMES: Don’t blame everything on the flu shots

Pittsburgh G-20 arrests

September 29, 2009
September 29, 2009

At the G-20 Summit held in Pittsburgh last week 190 people were arrested over four days (Wed-Sat) with the majority of arrests taking place on Friday.

Six remain in jail and 2 dozen will be in court tomorrow.

I wonder if the guy being kidnapped by men in fatigues in this video is still in jail.

The face of barry’s civilian national security force.

riot cops

If you need reminding. Listen to the mindless cheering…


From KDKA TV – Pittsburgh

Arrestees hail from: California, Illinois, Oregon, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Virginia, New York, Michigan, North Carolina, Maryland, Colorado, Ohio, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Texas, Minnesota, Nevada, Connecticut, Georgia, and Alabama.

No word if their were any foreign nationals involved.

Complete List of G-20 Arrests, Charges

Flight 1549 Sheila Dail, Doreen Welsh team up for charity

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009


Wings of Mercy Benefit (Welsh/Harten) no update found

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009


Wings of Mercy Benefit (Welsh/Harten)

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009


Gibbs’ double talk re: Gitmo

September 29, 2009

September 28, 2009

This is the last great lie of barry’s. He has gone back on everything and it’s becoming clearer that Gitmo will not be closed January 21, 2010. Not that any sane reasoning person ever thought he’d be able to. Why not open it up to the UN, Red Cross or Amnesty International? Because that’s the best place for them. Or Alcatraz. Robert Gates said over the weekend that it’s “going to be tough” to get them out of there.

August 13

So you really think it’s possible to — at the end of the day, that all of the other options, the non-bringing them back to America options, could eventually take care of the entire population?

GIBBS: I‘m not sure that’s going to happen before the 20th of January.

QWhatever happens to those cases, even if they haven’t been finally disposed of, they won’t be at Guantanamo?

GIBBS: Right. That’s the goal of the executive order, yes.

WH press briefing

Basically admits the deadline won’t be met.

Robert, back in June when you were asked about whether or not the deadline to close down Gitmo could be reached you said, absolutely. Over the weekend I’m sure you heard the Secretary of Defense saying that it’s going to be tough. What happened?

GIBBS: I would believe the Secretary, he always trumps me.

But what happened between the “absolutely” and “it’s going to be tough”?

GIBBS: I think we’re continuing to make progress. I think we’ve had more and more people transferred out of Guantanamo Bay. I think first and foremost, Dan, look what you saw this weekend: You had Secretary Gates and Senator McCain both believing strongly, as the President believes, that we have to shut Guantanamo Bay, that it makes us safer, that it improves our image around the world. Obviously we’ve still got work to do, work that’s progressing in reforming military commissions and in locating a permanent detention facility for those that would remain.

So is the White House resigned now — resigned to the fact now that that deadline cannot be met?

GIBBS: Well, we’re not focused on whether or not the deadline will or won’t be met on a particular day; we’re focused on ensuring that the facility is closed and doing all that has to be done between now and the 22nd of January to make the most progress that we can that’s possible.


More double talk.

You just told Dan that you’re not focused anymore on a particular day with regard to Gitmo. So does that mean that deadline is now moot?

GIBBS: I thought what Dan’s question sort of was, were there a lot of people over here obsessing about whether or not that particular day was going to be met, rather than obsessing about getting it done. And that’s what the purpose is.

But if you’re not focused on — or obsessing, focused, whatever you want to call it — if you’re not focused on a particular day, there’s no

GIBB: No, that’s not true.

So it is a deadline?

GIBBS: The deadline is still there. We want to get it done. I think Secretary Gates made a very compelling case of what happens in this town when you don’t set a deadline: Nothing gets done. I think there’s no doubt that were making significant progress, that there’s bipartisan agreement that we need to get something done to close this facility; that it will improve our own security; that it will help our standing in the world. And that’s what the administration is focused on.


Will Congress be involved or not…Gibbs doesn’t remember what barry said in his speech.

Robert, on Guantanamo, it also appears that the President has signed off on not seeking congressional authorization for a specific long-term detention law to fill the gap. Can you explain why that — the President believes it’s not necessary to seek that law, when he implied in the Archives speech that that decision should not be made by just one man, it should have congressional oversight and approval?

GIBBS: As I understand it, based on — based on where we are with the war, that there is existing authority.

But in that Archives speech, the President left the direct implication that that authorization shouldn’t be used as a blanket legal device.

GIBBS: It’s been a while since I read the Archives speech. I’d have to go back.

And because — because you’re acknowledging that the deadline may slip, it seems like one of the things that is crucial to helping close Guantanamo, provide a legal framework for the long-term detainees who fall into the category the President has now discovered is extremely problematic, not only as a matter of law but as a matter of security. You don’t find there’s an inconsistency there, trying to find legal justification through Congress to hold them for a prolonged amount of time?



What does Greg Craig have to do with anything?

(32:55) Just real quick on the closing of Guantanamo — has Greg Craig been stripped of his responsibilities?

GIBBS: No. Greg was in the Oval Office today talking to the President about —

He’s still leading that —

GIBBS: There are number of people that are working on it, Greg being one of them, and talked to the President about Guantanamo earlier today.

barry strips pensions of WWII Alaskan Territorial Guards

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009


Gaddafi’s personal translator quits mid translation

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

Gaddafi’s rambling madness

Even Gaddafi’s translator had had enough of the rambler’s madness. 75 minutes in, Gaddafi’s translator reportedly shouted “just can’t take it any more” right into the live microphone in Arabic. One wonders how many days the translator has had to listen to him.

Gaddafi brought his own personal translators, saying he speaks a dialect that only his translators would understand. Not true. He spoke “standard Arabic”.

The UN’s Arabic section chief Rasha Ajalyaqeen took over for the final 20 minutes and she cracked up when he threw the booklet. (follow link above to hear)

If you listen to the tape it sounds like she must have been listening because there is no gap. They say he “collapsed” but don’t explain what that means – as in physically or mentally.

Source: Times of India

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Video oddities: Large, small, curious

September 29, 2009

September 26, 2009

What’s missing from this video?

Jumbo babies perhaps?

How about the 19lb 20z Indonesian newborn Akbar Risuddin?

Akbar’s story & video & “baby pictures

And the 41lb 8-month-old Chinese baby?

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“Why Women Have Sex”

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

Yes. This has nothing to do with this site but a laugh is always good. Ran across this post while looking for something else. Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Though I must say I first thought it was a man – especially when she asked why a “period” is called a “period”.

TANYA GOLD from The Guardian gives a review of sorts of the book “Why Women Have Sex”.  The tone, verbiage and rhythm combined with out there thoughts make for a hysterical read. I was going to give a few quotes, but I don’t want to give anything away if you’re going to read it. Nothing sexually explicit.

Barnett/Keyes v Obama potential court timeline

September 29, 2009

September 30, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits
Judge Carter allows Taitz to file surreply
Judge Carter Minutes

cybrferrt–[Are you a hacker with that name?]

Here is the schedule sdecided on Sept 8th should Taitz’s case make it past October 5th. I don’t see how it can.

But if pigs start flying barry always has the “State Secrets” privilege.

This case could be solved without a single court document but the comedy continues.

Click top right for full screen.

Props to Jacky Ryan


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Muammar Gaddafi’s rambling madness

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

Gaddafi’s personal translator quits mid translation

How many ways are there to spell this man’s name? The man barry’s pastor and friend of 20 years admires?

Yes Rev Wright and Louis Farrakhan were so pleased with Gaddafi they went to visit him.

Did barry go too?

Only the passport knows for sure.

And while barry apologizes to the world for the US, Gaddai’s daughter rewards the shoethrower and his son welcomes the unrepentant Lockerbie bomber.

Muammar – sounds like a marshmallow treat – hadn’t been to the UN in 40 years…and it’s clear why.

He looked and acted as if he has syphilitic dementia and droned on for 95 minutes about among other things: the UN Charter, abolishing Switzerland, putting Tony Blair and George Bush on trial for Iraq, being compensated for colonialism, JFK’s assassination, jetlag and swine flu being a biological weapon–a moment of clarity perhaps?

He greeted the chosen one and fellow Muslim (haha have had it) to proclaim to the world:

Now the black man doesn’t have to sit in the back of the bus. The American people made him president and we are proud of that. We would be happy if Obama stayed president of America forever.

Why is it folks forget the just as much European DNA that he has? And that the black half of his DNA had no part in raising him?

Interesting comment by The Guardian:

Poor Barack Obama. Having Gaddafi applaud his stance towards the world must have been as pleasing as being congratulated on his domestic policy by the leader of the birthers, who insist Obama was not born in America.

Hmm…maybe he was born in a different part of Africa and the man who called him “son” is his real father…

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Sen Murkowski re: barry’s stripping WWII Alaskan Territorial Guards of their pensions

September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009


Video of the day: Cyborg beetle

September 29, 2009

September 25, 2009

Cool. US scientists have unveiled a major advance in cyborg technology — using wireless radio controls they can now completely control the flight of a living beetle.

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Capt Sullenberger: new position, will fly soon

September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009


FLOTUS re:Olympics “The gloves are off”

September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

List of Olympics posts

The drama is absolutely ridiculous. The hard work has already been done – not by the Obamas. Only until the last few weeks did they even talk about it. FLOTUS and Valerie Jarrett arrive on Wednesday. I’m curious what she will say that is going to “not leave a dry eye in the room”.


It’s a battle — we’re going to win — take no prisoners.

And our view is, we’re not taking a chance. We’re just not going to assume that the bids — that the decisions are made, and so that no matter what the outcome is, we’ll feel as a country, as a team, that we’ve done everything that we can to bring it home.


What a dynamic duo they will be. I think it will be high impact, I think their presentation will be both very personal, given that they know and love Chicago so well.

Evidently FLOTUS and VPOTUS have been lobbying the IOC by phone. I don’t think she’ll be talking to all 100 members:

I think I’m talking to everybody.

FLOTUS will make the formal presentation – POTUS will appear for adoration purposes on Friday.

We’re each going to do our own proposal. I think we have as good a chance as any country. We’re not going to do a joint poem together.

Must have been interesting – FLOTUS sat next to FL of Brazil at the G 20 in Pittsburgh.

I adore her but I said, ‘You know, I’m going to hug you now and then I’m going after you in Copenhagen’. And she said, ‘You too.’

So gloves are off.

Source: CNN‘s 

Gibbs re: POTUS going to Copenhagen

September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

List of Olympics posts
WH press briefing

Wants us to believe he didn’t get a heads up.

Why does the President think a trip to Copenhagen is going to make that much difference? And what does he hope his appearance there will help?

GIBBS: Well, obviously, I think he hopes that he can make a strong case for Chicago and America’s bid for the Olympics in 2016. Obviously any Olympics showcases the country that those Olympics are in and there’s a tangible economic benefit to those Games being here. And the President wants to help out America’s bid.

Did he get a hint that an appearance would help America’s bid?

GIBBS: Well, I certainly hope that an appearance wouldn’t hurt it. But we have gotten no intelligence on it.

barry was scoping things out at the UN and G20.

Robert, what can you tell us about the lobbying effort behind the scenes that the President has already started with the IOC?

GIBBS: Well, I don’t know that it’s much behind the scenes if you’re asking me about it. I think it’s — obviously the President has mentioned this in meetings when we were at the U.N. and at the G20. He’s going to continue to talk to people, including in person in Copenhagen, in an effort to bring the 2016 Olympics to the United States.

What’s his best pitch? What is he telling them?

GIBBS: Well, look, I think, having spent some time in Chicago, I think it is a — it’s a perfect place to hold the Olympics. It is — it offers a great place for the world to see. It offers all the amenities that one would want in the Olympics. And I think, far and away, it’s the strongest bid of the four that are out there.

What if he goes and he doesn’t get it?
GIBBS: Well, we’ll — you can call Tommy on Saturday.

Going because the other heads of state will be there?

And how does he see going to Copenhagen as part of his core mission as President?

GIBBS: Well, I think everybody is proud of the Olympics. I think everybody is proud of the Olympics when they’re in their country. It provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase the United States. It’s, as I said earlier, a big economic benefit. Surely it’s within the purview of the President to root for America, but maybe I’m wrong.

Yes, but is there a fear that the delegation that was going was not going to be on par with the heads of state from the other countries going?

GIBBS: No, I’ve said this many times in the past five years, and I think the President would agree that Michelle and Michelle alone is a powerful presence and will be a powerful voice for the Olympics coming to America. The President simply wanted to lend his voice, too.

Then why do you need Oprah going, too?
GIBBS: Ask the Olympic Committee.

He insults the other 3 heads of state (Spain, Brazil and Japan) by equating FLOTUS to them.

(21:35) And how does he see going to Copenhagen as part of his core mission as President?

GIBBS: Well, I think everybody is proud of the Olympics. I think everybody is proud of the Olympics when they’re in their country. It provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase the United States. It’s, as I said earlier, a big economic benefit. Surely it’s within the purview of the President to root for America, but maybe I’m wrong.

Yes, but is there a fear that the delegation that was going was not going to be on par with the heads of state from the other countries going?

GIBBS: No, I’ve said this many times in the past five years (?), and I think the President would agree that Michelle and Michelle alone is a powerful presence and will be a powerful voice for the Olympics coming to America. The President simply wanted to lend his voice, too.

Later (29:45) Do we know for sure if the other world — other three world leaders are going to this meeting, and did that play a role in Obama’s decision

GIBBS: I have no knowledge of what the other three are doing.

The ridiculous notion that 48 hours matter re: healthcare.

The President said, I would make the case in Copenhagen-hagen personally if I weren’t so firmly committed to making real the promise of quality affordable health care for every American. He sounded pretty clear that 12 days ago he was not going to go. What changed in the meantime? Is it health care that changed? Does it look like it’s in better shape, or is it that this is in worse shape?

GIBBS: I think the President believes health care is in better shape. I believe he felt strongly and personally that he should go and make the case for the United States, and that’s what he’s going to do.

And he’s not worried about health care, as he seemed to be just 12 days ago, suffering if he went?

GIBBS: I think he believes he can do this and get back in time.

Later (20:38) Are you saying that the reason that he wasn’t going to go to Copenhagen and now is, is that health care is in better shape?

GIBBS: Well, no, I don’t — as I understand it, Chip asked me, that was one of the reasons that the President stated —

It was the reason.

GIBBS: –and that while I believe that health care is in a better place, and I think he believes health care is in a better place, he also believes it’s important for him to go and personally try to persuade the International Olympic Committee to pick the United States in 2016.

Okay. But did any — so, are you — so it’s okay for us to infer, then, even though you’re not going to say that’s the difference between last week and this week?

GIBBS: Well, I acknowledged to Major that — and I acknowledged to Chip and I think to at least one other — that I thought health care was — so we can — I’ll go on background as a senior administration official — with intimate knowledge of the press secretary’s thinking and say, yes, we think health care is in a better place.

Watch him evade the question. Like always, his face gives him away. (15:50) Time to lay down some cash.

(15:15) When you look at the sort of picture here, you have a planeload of, you know, top level officials, the President himself, Mrs. Obama. The risks are obviously huge if he doesn’t bring home the Games for Chicago —

GIBBS: Call Tommy.
But to what degree

GIBBS: I appreciate getting into what happens on Saturday, but I don’t even know what I’m going to have for dinner tonight.

I understand. Okay, let’s go forward then. So what degree is this pre-cooked in any way? Are there any assurances, anything —

GIBBS: I think I looked back and addressed this not long ago.

It just seems you folks are too savvy to do this with it being totally up in the air.

GIBBS: I appreciate that.

Immediately takes the next question even as his face betrays him. Talk about how clever they are and they can’t help themselves.

This dude seems to be unaware how much barry has cost the city as far as election night, his visits home and security on his house.

Is the Chicago Host Committee paying any of the costs for President Obama or Mrs. Obama to go to Copenhagen?

GIBBS: I can check but I don’t know the answer to that. I assume this is being handled as all presidential travel would be.

First time an American president has made such a pitch – first time a president’s home city was up for the bid. Wonder what Mr Bill told him.

(26:45) The First Family’s Chicago ties, are they a factor in the decision to have both the First Lady and the President make this trip? And is there a feeling in the administration that it’s a proper role for them to make this pitch than, for example, if it had been another city where they didn’t have the same kind of long-standing ties?

GIBBS: Well, look, I don’t think that there’s any doubt that the President is enormously proud of Chicago and would be enormously proud of the city hosting the bid. I think it’s somewhat silly if it had been Los Angeles, I think the notion that the President would have done less because it was a different U.S. city just doesn’t hold water.

But, I mean, I’m just saying did they have, by virtue of being from Chicago do you think that they have maybe a special message that they can carry?

GIBBS: Well, I think there’s no doubt. I think you’ll hear directly from both the First Lady and the President about what they think the Olympic Games mean and how Chicago hosting those Games fits with what we all believe the Olympics mean.

Personal/official visit and whether he will be meeting with Sargozy – who backed Rio – about Iran.

(30:56) On Copenhagen, is this more official or personal for the President, this trip?

GIBBS: This is official, as the President of the United States representing the bid of the United States to host the 2016 Olympics.

So is it more about the United States versus Chicago?
GIBBS: Yes, it’s about the American bid which is Chicago.
What other official activities will the President be doing while –

GIBBS: I think if you saw the advisory that we e-mailed several hours ago, there’s some meetings on there.

Will he be meeting with the French President, as well?
GIBBS: Meeting with?
With Sarkozy, in reference to possibly Iran while he’s there?
GIBBS: Reference to Iran?
Iran, yes.
GIBBS: If I’m not mistaken, they talked on Friday.

Finance oversight – as if barry cares anything about that.

(33:15)  Chicago doesn’t have a great record, especially recently, of spending public money. Is the President convinced that there are safeguards in place to make sure that money that goes to the Olympic bid will not be misspent? I mean, the City Council, for instance, has a pretty big oversight role in the way it’s been —

GIBBS: And I think obviously the onus is on the city to ensure that whatever money is used is spent wisely and efficiently. The President is going to make the case for the American host city — for the American city of Chicago, which is the bid that this country put forward — is going to go advocate in front of the International Olympic Committee for that bid.

I just want to make sure, he’s sure that the city is up to that task?

GIBBS: Not only is he, but as is the U.S. Olympic Committee that picked Chicago over other cities.

Taitz’s Motion to Withdraw granted

September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits
Capt Rhodes letter to Judge Land
Taitz’s motion to withdraw as Capt Rhodes’ counsel

Judge Land grants Orly Taitz’s motion to withdraw as Capt Rhodes’ counsel.


  1. Counsel remains subject to the jurisdiction of this Court for purposes of the Court’s show cause sanctions order and related proceedings.
  2. Plaintiff remains subject to the jurisdiction of this Court for purposes of the Court’s previous order casting the court costs upon Plaintiff.
  3. Shall not be construed to authorize Plaintiff’s counsel to breach any attorney-client privilege that may exist due to counsel’s representation of Plaintiff.

Capt Rhodes’ letter did not factor into show cause sanctions and won’t be relied upon in future proceedings.

Whether Capt Rhodes expressly authorized Taitz to file the motion for reconsideration has no bearing on whether the filing was legally frivolous.

Click top right for full screen.

Courtesy of Jack Ryan

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Olympic athletes in Chicago 2016 delegation

September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

List of Olympics posts

Above and beyond the politicians are the real Olympic athletes – some of whom are native Chicagoans.

No one more excited than Track and Field legend Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

Gymnastics the top Summer Olympic sport will be represented by most recent All-Around champ Nastia Liukin, perfect 10 Nadia Comaneci and gymnast husband Bart Connor (Chicago native) and Diane Simpson (rhythmic gymnastics).

Track and Field
Michael Johnson
Ron Freeman
Willie Banks
Connie Moore

April Holmes Paralympics
Linda Mastandrea Paralympics

Triple Jump: Michael Conley (Chicagoan)
Decathlon: Bryan Clay
Hurdles: Edwin Moses

Bob Ctvrtlik
Kerri Walsh
Paul Moran (wheelchair tennis and sitting volleyball)

Donna de Varona
Gary Hall Jr

Soccer: Brandi Chastain

Rowing: Anita De Frantz

Judo: Bob Berland

Weightlifting: Dragomir Cioroslan

Boxing: David Diaz

Wrestling: Bill Scherr

Speedskating: Mike Plant

Basketball: David Robinson

ABSENT the most recognizable Chicagoan and Olympic athlete: MICHAEL JORDAN

Basketball is not being represented at all.

Other notables include: POTUS, FLOTUS, Mayor Daley, Gov Pat Quinn and Oprah Winfrey

Source: Sports News

POTUS going to Copenhagen after all

September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

List of Olympics posts

barry to the rescue!!!

Just as planned. As if 48 hours was going to matter in the “healthcare debate”. He waited to see how close it was going to be and wanted it announced how close it would be so he could be the deciding factor. Wonder how Oprah feels? Did Mayor Daley remind barry how he got where he is? Or was it barry’s little buddy Nicolas Sargozy endorsing Rio?

Leaves Thursday night
IOC meets Friday
Return Friday night

He’s not going to woo IOC members – he’s just going to be there for the announcement.

Also going: FLOTUS, Valerie Jarrett, Mayor Daley, Gov Pat Quinn (said he was paying his own way), Pat Ryan, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan (Chicagoan), Secy of Transportation Ray LaHood and of course Oprah Winfrey.

26 Olympic athletes are going – EXCLUDING Michael Jordan.


President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama symbolize the hope, opportunity and inspiration that makes Chicago great, and we are honored to have two of our city’s most accomplished residents leading our delegation in Copenhagen.

Source: Chicago Breaking News

Taitz’s motion to withdraw as Capt Rhodes’ atty

September 28, 2009

September 27, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts/videos/lawsuits
Capt Rhodes letter to Judge Land
Taitz’s Motion to Withdraw GRANTED

Orly Taitz’s motion to withdraw as counsel to Capt Rhodes. At this point Taitz has to show cause why she should not be sanctioned $10K and her best chance is to separate from Capt Rhodes because of what Rhodes stated in her letter to Judge Land. If Judge Land were a professional and not intent on “furthering his political agenda” he would drop the sanction and reverse his ruling that Capt Rhodes is responsible for the defendants’ court costs.

Not sure how Judge Land is going to react to Taitz characterizing it as a “quasi-criminal prosecution”.

taitz quasi

(For background follow update link)

Click top right for full screen.

Courtesy of Jack Ryan

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Mr Bill returning to public office?

September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

They made a big deal about the “vast right wing conspiracy” statement, which was just that. No comments about birthers or teabaggers. Here David Gregory asks if Mr Clinton has thoughts of getting back into the mix.

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Before you go, Mr. President, you left the presidency but you’ve hardly had a low profile, with the Clinton Global Initiative and other things.  Do you think about a return to either public office or another form of public life?


That’s Hillary’s job now.  I–we’ve totally switched roles.  She spent most of her life in the nongovernmental sector, and that’s what I do now.  I love what I do now.  And while I can’t touch as many lives and as many things as I did as president, the things I do focus on we can have a huge impact.  And I’m trying to convince people that all of us need to be doing the kind of thing I’m doing now.  I think 21st century citizenship is going to be exciting, and I like being a part of it.

GREGORYWill she run for president again then?


That’s up to her.  I don’t–you know, we’re not getting any younger.  But I’m proud of what she’s doing now.  I think she’s doing a good job and I’m honored that–I think it’s pretty thrilling that she and the president have established the relationship they have.  And it’s a good argument for reconciliation and remembering the big things for all the rest of us.

Angela Merkel wins reelection

September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009

Seems the cleavage billboard worked.

Wonder how barry feels having ot keep working with her. Story.

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Roman Polanski arrested in Switzerland

September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009

Polanski/Goldberg/rape posts/videos
Ms Goldberg: “It wasn’t rape rape” (video/text)
Ms Goldberg, what is “rape rape”?

Roman Polanski, 76, was arrested by Swiss officials when he arrived in Zurich to receive a lifetime achievement award. (His wife Sharon Tate was murdered by the “Manson family” when she was 8 months pregnant.) He had an outstanding arrest warrant from 1978 for giving drugs and alcohol and then raping a 13-year-old girl he (44) said was “experienced” and consented. He’s been hiding out in France. One wonders if the “outraged” Zurich Film Festival officials were in on it. The girl now woman had asked the case be dropped earlier this year because of the intrusion by the press every time something happens with him. Did they ask her or even notify her before they arrested him?

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Ms Walters vs Miss Paula re: cookbook

September 27, 2009

September 25, 2009

You don’t mess with Texas and you don’t mess with Miss Paula Deen and southern cooking. She had a guest on her sow once who made deep-fried butter. Pork fat is one thing – fried butter is another.

Anyway Miss Paula was on The View to push her second cookbook for children: Paula Deen’s Cookbook for the Lunchbox Set and Ms Walters let her have it.

Ms Walters, speaking with her mouth full:

This is a cookbook for kids. Obesity is the No. 1 problem for kids today. Everything you have here is enormously fattening. You tell kids to have cheesecake for breakfast….you tell them to have chocolate cake and meatloaf for lunch…and french fries!

Whoopi Goldberg waving her fried chicken:

She don’t care – look at her – she’s happy.

Ms Walters:

Doesn’t it bother you that you’re adding to this?

Miss Paula licks her fingers and then uses the napkin.

Ms Walters:

No? Not at all?

Miss Paula passes out napkins:

I think we should teach our children, first off, Barbara, is moderation.

Ms Walters, as she continues to eat the enormously fattening food:

Not when you’re giving them this!

Miss Paula:

Moderation. We don’t eat like this every day of our life.

All the women keep eating – Joy, Sherri and Elisabeth barely coming up for air. Miss Paula gives her husband (who does not look healthy) a piece of cake.

Miss Paula:

Everybody needs comfort food.