Chuck Todd knows the truth about barry’s birth certificate

September 1, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts

Well, not sure where this went but this was back in the day when Matthews was waving around that worthless one-sided piece of paper and ranting that it’s barry BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Of course it was just his CERTIFICATION of Live Birth. Eventually someone set him straight albeit too late to unsay unscream what he did.

Beyond making him look ignorant – folks at home believed him. That’s propaganda. And here’s Chuckie Todd’s version – listen closely to what he calls it.


Let me ask you a question.  Why doesn‘t Ax, David Axelrod, or somebody at the White House, grab a copy of the original document of the president‘s birth certificate—you‘re laughing because this is an absurdity.  But just throw it out there to some reasonable reporter that just types it up and makes it an official story and makes it available in some bin somewhere so people can come look at it, like the whack jobs.


Because, Chris, there‘s an argument to be made that the minute the Obama—then the Obama campaign posted that copy of the certificate of live birth from the state of Hawaii, that they feed the conspiracy theory.  Every time you throw something—you decide, OK, I‘ll throw another—maybe this will shut them up.  Well, it only feeds the theory that you have something.

See?  We wouldn‘t have gotten that piece of information if we didn‘t [unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what he was referring to]–so there‘s that argument that says the more you talk about it, the more you actually help the cause of the whack jobs.


The trouble is the zoo bus is becoming a convoy out there. And maybe this is a—

TODDThat‘s the Internet‘s fault.

MATTHEWS: I agree.


1-Matthews proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he knows that was not a copy of the original birth certificate.

2-He has no spine.

3-He knows barry has not released a copy of the original.

4-There is no such thing as a “reasonable reporter”.

5-No reporter (aka third party) has actually seen a copy of the original.

6-That means factcheck DID NOT SEE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE like they said lied.

7-Chuckie knows exactly what was going on — he calls it a CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH = BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

8-He knows barry has not released a copy of his original BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

9-He uses “we” as in he’s directly complicit.

10-MSNBC knows the truth and yet they continue to let Herr Olbermann and his little sister Rachel Maddow lie – calling it a “BIRTH CERTIFICATE”.

11-MSNBC is knowingly – now just admitted to – promoting propaganda.

12-MSNBC is refusing to investigate further.

13-Proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are actively assisting barry.

14-MSNBC has been corrupted and prefers to remains so.

15-It is now on the record.

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