Rachel Maddow + Dave Weigel = clueless x 2

Hi Kelly.

Thanks for your patience. Yes. Weigel was on Maddow twice. No. I don’t read him. His site is a tabloid isn’t it? Not sure why these weren’t posted already because they’re complete. When my browser crashes, the stuff ends up in the drafts and I don’t seem to get back to them all because there’s always something new. I found everything you asked for. I know I have Neda’s mother’s interview because I transcribed it – it was from the BBC.

July 21, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts #2

Rachel Maddow still calls it a BIRTH CERTIFICATE – you know she’s a Rhodes Scholar? It appears she can’t even read. Anyway she talks with Dave Weigel about the “birthers”. He comes up with an interesting explanation as to why barry put it up on the internet. He does not look like his words.



Republican Congressman John Campbell of California appeared on “HARDBALL” with my colleague, Chris Matthews, earlier tonight, proving that this is turning out to be landmark week for the conspiracy theorists known as the birthers.

Birthers argue that President Obama secretly isn‘t actually president, because he secretly wasn‘t actually born in the United States.  This despite the fact that the president has posted his “born in Hawaii” birth certificate online. Little-known fact here, Hawaii, U.S. state.


He has not ever produced his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

And no amount of sarcasm or name-calling is going to change that fact. Or the fact that no one can name barry’s actual physical birth place. And until that is known, by definition, no one can say where he was born.


It‘s now 10 House Republicans who are cosponsoring a “provide the birth certificate” bill authored by Congressman Bill Posey, a Republican who says he doesn‘t know whether or not President Obama is actually an American citizen.

As we highlighted last night, the birthers are hard at work trying to get their message out.

Shows you how clueless she is. It’s been at issue since he posted it in June 2008, claiming it was his BIRTH CERTIFICATE. The truth is the barrymedia is hard at work trying to discredit the “conspiracy” and pretend they actually vetted barry and know where he was born.

And why is she so against the bill when it doesn’t affect barry’s present status?

Surely she can’t think that whatever he is hiding is not going to be found out until he runs for re-election.


In addition to the 10 sponsors of that bill, all Republicans, Republican Congressman Mike Castle of Delaware found his June 30th town hall meeting momentarily taken over by someone aggressively heckling him on the birther issue.

He was then booed roundly for saying that the president is a citizen.  Of course, the home run for conspiracists of any stripe is when their ideas can leave the lunatic fringe and enter the mainstream.

She just gave them an inside the parker by having this dude on – one of the most ignorant anti-birthers. And then she blames it on Lou Dobbs who has always said barry is a citizen but that he should just provide the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and be done with it.

Enter CNN anchor Lou Dobbs over on our competing network, that anchor Campbell Brown says is the only one still doing journalism. Mr.  Dobbs is using the platform of his CNN show to advance the birther conspiracy.

Why does she keep calling it a conspiracy when no one knows barry’s actual physical birth place? Until then it is not a conspiracy.



There are a lot of questions remaining.  And seemingly, the questions won‘t go away, because they haven‘t been dealt with, it seems possible, too straightforwardly and quickly.

————END VIDEO———-

MADDOWMr. Dobbs then went even further than that on his radio show.

Listen closely and you will hear that he was taunting. What you won’t here is him saying he believes barry is a US citizen, which categorically rules him out as a birther, according to Ms Maddow’s own definition. Hence, the selected quote.

————-BEGIN AUDIO———–

DOBBS: Well, guess what, folks?  There are some issues here that should be really resolved.  What is crazy about this is all the president of the United States has to do is produce a birth certificate. We have a document issue.  You suppose he‘s – no I won‘t even use the word “undocumented.”  It wouldn‘t be right.

———–END AUDIO———-

Absolutely  true. All barry has to do is produce his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

He is the one who created the birthers and he is the one who can silence them.

Why can’t folks see that?


Get it?  He‘s undocumented.  The president is an undocument – so says Lou Dobbs.  Hmm…journalism.

Journalism is cherrypicking quotes? Both times DOBBS said that he believes barry is a US citizen. And when that day comes when she is shown to be a fool? Someone will have to put all her sarcastic ignorant statements together on one video.


Joining us now is a reporter who has done a lot of national legwork on this story, the phenomenon of the birthers, Dave Weigel, who writes for the “Washington Independent.”  Mr. Weigel, thanks very much for joining us.

Legwork? Then why can’t he name the actual physical birthplace of barry? He reverts to the 48 y/o newspaper notices that no living human being can vouch for as his best argument and yet cannot prove that barry or his stated parents ever lived at the listed address – the only verifiable tangible element in the notice.

He uses Janice Okubo as a source after she [and the registrar whose job it is to certify the COLBs] said they couldn’t say what that image on barry’s site was. Politifact had the integrity to print that and then went on to say “there’s the rub”. And that’s where a real “factcheck” would have ended. They didn’t. And they won a Pulitzer Prize for their factchecking. Kind of says it all. Chicago pay to play Pulitzer style.

Weigel also used Okubo as a reliable source after she said the original records were destroyed after they went digital. And the most obvious fact is Okubo has never said Hawaii sent that COLB or any COLB to barry.

One would think that would be the first thing a reporter would ask before he even looks at the information on the image itself.

Is there proof that that image was in fact derived from the original and sent from Hawaii?

If not, it doesn’t matter what is written on it. And that’s something no one has vouched for.

This should be interesting.


Thank you very for having me, Rachel.


So what is the claim here?  The claim here is that producing the birth certificate from Hawaii with the raised seal visible in the signature and everything – that just isn‘t enough? They want footage of the birthing room or something?

Is she ever gonna learn the facts or just keep on with sarcasm?

The first scanned image had no evidence of a seal or signature – just a suggestion of a date. The next miraculously appears with a seal that was raised but raised in lines not dots. See pix.

The entire back page where the seal and signature are located was not posted nor was the entire seal in the closeup.

For the COLB to be called “certified” it has to have the complete seal and signature in situ.

Without an entire back page that is physically impossible.

Therefore, no one can say it is certified from what they made available on the internet.

And no – not footage – just barry’s ACTUAL PHYSICAL BIRTHPLACE – as in what hospital was the birthing room located.

Now listen to him say “verify” and “reporter” in one sentence no less. And what “witness” is he talking about? Someone present at barry’s birth? Somebody who works in medical records? Somebody who can confirm barry lived at that address in the paper?


I don‘t know what they want anymore, because every time Hawaii verifies something or a reporter verifies something or a witness verifies something, that witness, that state, that reporter is lying and their evidence must be thrown aside.

What they want is proof of barry’s actual physical birthplace.

And when are they ever going to grasp that it’s an issue because barry lied about providing his birth certificate and barry can put an end to it by producing it?

Remember that Lou Dobbs has always said he believes barry is a US citizen.


We‘ve seen Lou Dobbs do this before four years ago with these claims about leprosy running rampant in America because of illegal immigration.  It‘s still really disappointing to see him go down this path.  This is – calling Hawaii and getting this thing verified should be enough for any sane person to put this to bed.

Leprosy? Thing? Calling who? Okubo, who didn’t know what the image was and never saw what Dr Fukino saw?

Now here comes the pre-planned set up question.


But what are the origins of this story.  One of the things you‘ve been able to do is really trace it very specifically to where this theory came from.

It started the moment he posted it and called it his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.


Well, it started with the Obama campaign.

There were rumors a year ago, a year in change, that Obama‘s real birth certificate contains a different middle name. Actually, the rumor was his middle name is Muhammad and he changed it to Hussein, because Hussein plays better in Iowa, I guess.

And the campaign said, “OK.  We‘ll do what no one has ever done.  We‘ll do what McCain didn‘t do, Bush didn‘t, Hillary didn‘t do.  We will put his birth certificate from the state online.  Anyone can look at it.

Now that is as boldfaced of a lie as it gets. “Hillary” has how many books written about her? There’s not a thing unknown about her. Bush comes from a political family and had his birth publicly documented and every thing he’s done since. McCain voluntarily supplied his and said do whatever you need. He was also born in a military hospital and his birth is part of military record. There is absolutely no comparison and he knows it. He has no ethical integrity.

And had barry put the actual BIRTH CERTIFICATE online it would have been “settled”. The fact that he lied about it started it all.

And how does Mr Weigel explain why barry got his COLB a year previous – in June 2007 – if it was an issue that just came up in 2008?

If barry was a man of transparency – he would have put that info up from the start or at the first rumblings. The questioning began in earnest in April but it took until June to get posted. And yet he allegedly had that COLB in his possession since June 2007?


That immediately, instead of settling this, created a cottage industry of people trying to prove this is forged.  And then, after Hawaii has said, “No it‘s not forged.  This came from us.  We have a different copy on record that says the same stuff,then Hawaii was lying.

Reporter?? Creative scribbler maybe. And he is the one lying.

Hawaii has NEVER said anything about that COLB.

They have NEVER said that online image of a COLB came from them.

They have NEVER connected in any fashion what Dr Fukino saw to that COLB.

And they have most definitely NEVER SAID IT WASN’T FORGED.

Sorry for the shouting but this guy is outright lying. And he’s supposed to be an expert? Says it all doesn’t it?

Now listen to this.


Basically, the White House doesn‘t talk about this.

Hmm. Why would that be. An actual reporter would not say “basically”. A reporter would say: ‘I wondered about this, too. I am staking my reputation on this. I personally asked the White House to release the actual BIRTH CERTIFICATE. I held an actual copy of his actual birth certificate in my hand. I felt the raised seal. I saw the registrar’s signature. I saw the hospital name. I saw his mother’s, father’s, nurse’s and doctor’s names and next to them their respective signatures.’

That is a reporter. Then what he writes and says would have meaning and integrity.

Would “Hillary’s” WH be able to basically not talk about anything?

Would Mr Cronkite defend his reputation as a journalist by calling folks names, using sarcasm, telling bold-faced lies, referencing a “Factcheck” that is connected to barry, while calling it nonpartisan, and then relying on 48 y/o newspaper notices as “proof” when there is no hospital or name listed and the address – the only verifiable fact – no one can prove barry lived at?

Or would he look at the gold standard and make sure of what he was saying?

Would Mr Cronkite not wonder – like a 5 y/o – why barry just doesn’t produce it?

Would his journalist’s curiosity tell him something’s rotten in the state of Hawaii?


The Democratic National Committee doesn‘t talk about this because when they do, it just sends this train down the track a little further.  This is more evidence that there is a great conspiracy.  It‘s how conspiracies work.

Aha. He should have just left it at the WH. He just gave himself away by mentioning the DNC.

How many of the birthers have been asking the DNC about anything?

How many times have you heard the DNC come up?

If it wasn’t ever an issue, why should the DNC come into play at all?

One reason and one reason only: Nanci Pelosi “certified” barry as the official democratic nominee.

The DNC fraud is proven – the entire election is illegitimized.

It was anyway with what they did behind doors about Michigan.

On what planet would “Hillary” have been given barry delegates from a state where her name wasn’t on the ballot?

The Democrat Party is forever illegitimized. All over the hatred of Hillary Clinton and not wanting to have a woman president.

And who has been the only one doing actual work?

Secretary Clinton’s in barry’s motherland wading through war zones and he’s sightseeing in the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. President Clinton brings home the journalists and opens the door for diplomacy so barry won’t look any more of a wimp by not responding to their missiles.

Another set up question. Time to trash Lou Dobbs because he has the audacity to have a logical mind…a reporter’s mind.


Well, who in the media or the political world is helping this to cross over from the fringe into the mainstream?  I mean, one of the things I love about American politics and Americans in general is that we are enthusiastic about conspiracy theories.  I find it entertaining. But the sort of the holy grail is to, you know, make CNN, to make the mainstream media to be talked about as if you‘ve got some sort of credible idea.

She’s doing just that. She had no clue how she ramped things up when she went after Lou Dobbs. And it hasn’t just reached the MSM – Dobbs is the first one not to follow the party line. Not to be intimidated from the higher ups. He either didn’t get the initial memo to ignore the birth certificate issue or he ignored it. It’s surprising how long it took for him to realize he had been conned as well.


Right.  Even hearing yourself debunked on CNN as a Kitty Pilgrim, who was hosting for the Lou Dobbs and I did, that is still coverage.  Having Orly Taitz and Alan Keyes on TV to ramble about this – that‘s coverage.  That‘s a breakthrough.

And everything (save the birth notices) she said was a lie or a misstatement. Follow the link above.


I think it‘s the conservative base that goes to town hall meetings, calls members of Congress and get them to give a little on this issue.  They‘re pushing this into the mainstream.

Members of the Congress, John Campbell on “HARDBALL” today, looked like he was auditioning for the Jack Lemmon role on “Glengarry Glen Ross.”  He was really embarrassed.

Harassed is more like it. He had no idea what Matthews was holding up and what Matthews was holding up was not a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. Even he knows it’s not a birth certificate. Now.


Some of these guys who have endorsed this bill like him really do want it to go away.

Bill Posey, who wrote it, I think has indulged these people.  And he‘ll say one thing to a news reporter in Florida.  Then, he‘ll go to one of these fringe conservative Web sites or radio shows and say – if I can quote him – I know he doesn‘t produce it, “The only people I know who don‘t want to take drug tests are people who use drugs.”  I‘m paraphrasing him this much.

So there are a few Republicans who push this forward.  That‘s all it needs.  Once it‘s in the media‘s bloodstream, then we have to cover it. And then, Rush Limbaugh can talk about it.  And World Net Daily can brag that Rush Limbaugh talked about it.  And it just keeps on rolling like that.

Meaning they couldn’t not cover it anymore. They couldn’t ignore it. That’s why they keep stressing it just appeared. They know they weren’t supposed to talk about it.


Of course, one way to cover it is to say this is totally false and the people propounding it are kooks.

And that is precisely what they are doing and precisely what they are hoping will happen. But it’s too late. Even barryfans have had enough and are wondering why he doesn’t produce it to move on.


But not everybody feels that way, I guess.  David Weigel from “Washington Independent,” your reporting on this has been really helpful for understanding it. Thanks a lot for joining us.

And his “reporting” is why people still think barry released his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

I argue he is nothing more than a propaganda machine paid for by his “Independent” paper. Which, if I were so inclined and had the time to look, I would bet has a direct link to barry.

How long do they think they can keep covering?

This is going to come out.

I don’t care where he was born, what religion he is, what his real name is, whether his father was not from Africa or anything else.

I care that the President of the United States is a cipher. That the man who can start a nuclear war is actively keeping his past from The American People. That the Commander in Chief refuses to ease the minds of the bravest of Americans, who he is sending to war – some to a certain death.

Most of all, I care that the media is completely corrupted and willingly corrupt.

They proved it March 3, 2008 when they let barry walk away from the podium on the eve of what could have been the clinching of the nomination after answering, like, eight whole questions, guys.

There is no such thing as free press.

For the last two years, there has been nothing but embargoing, embellishment, censorship and barrypropaganda.

Pro-Obama media bias has been irrefutably proven.

And that is more of an insult to the Framers of the Constitution than anything barry might have done.

It’s too late for him. He knew the minute he decided to run he was going to defraud The American People.

He knew and his wife knew what it would mean to their daughters if whatever he is hiding were to be found out.

They did it anyway.

But the press made the decision not to vet him because of their abnormal fondness for him and their absolute misogynistic hate for Hillary Clinton.

Imagine the press, after all they have done to her, having to answer to her as the most powerful person in the world?

Just the thought of it shrunk them to raisins.

And at this point, every media outlet – including FOX – has been corrupted. They have nothing to lose by going along with the fraud. Their jobs are literally on the line.

And, truly, if barry were to be proven Constitutionally ineligible and/or his father was not from Kenya and he isn’t descended from Muslims – it would not only a national security issue – it would be a global one as well.

One Response to “Rachel Maddow + Dave Weigel = clueless x 2”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Good day, Counselor.

    Why do you keep this up?

    We’re not morons here.

    We didn’t have to go to law school or become a senator or a barry superdelegate to learn how to read.

    It is not a “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” no matter how many times you cut and paste the same crap.

    The title of the digital image is “CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH”.


    CERTIFICATE of Live Birth does not = CERTIFICATION of Live Birth


    They have different names for a reason.

    The COLB means the Birth Certificate exists.

    barry lied and all you folks lied when you called it a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    Yes, it is what they send out when folks request a birth certificate NOW.

    But in 1961 there were BIRTH CERTIFICATES.

    barry said he had a copy of his 1961 BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    He knows what’s on his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    He knows the CERTIFICATION of Live Birth is not his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    He knows they are very different and has let The American People believe they are one in the same.

    They are not.

    That at the very least is fraud.

    barry has access to his original – or whatever Dr Fukino is vouching for.

    He pays the fee – he gets a copy.

    barry could authorize you or me or anyone else on the planet to get a copy.

    Several times I have told you this as well as provided you with a list of folks with “tangible interest” who can get a copy.


    And you have to know by now how lame that question is.

    Did any previous president fight the release of his medical, school and birth records?

    Moreover, is there any modern president whose actual physical birth place is not known?

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