Ben LaBolt: “I can confirm that is Sen Obama’s birth certificate”

Updated birth certificate posts #2

September 2, 2009

June 16, 2008, the LA Times’ ANDREW MALCOLM requested a copy of barry’s “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” and was sent the first CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH. The digital image of one-sided, green, blacked out certificate No, no folds, no seal, no registrar’s signature and a faint backwards date. Malcolm declared the mystery solved but the commenters did not so BEN LABOLT got a hold Malcolm and made the statement below.

Why was LABOLT concerned about what commenters were saying if the COLB was completely in order? And who tipped him off – Malcolm or the bots? I’d like to know how quickly the update appeared by there is no time.

Ben LaBolt’s words in reference to that digital image representing barry’s alleged CERTIFICATION of Live Birth.

I can confirm that is Sen Obama’s birth certificate.


A clue to Malcolm’s grasp on the subject at the time:

That was because [McCain] was born outside the United States and, therefore, not native-born, as presidents must be constitutionally.

An UPDATE came 2 months later at convention time (8-22-08) because Factcheck’s absolutely worthless “factcheck” proved! it to be barry’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE. SCOTT MARTELLE couldn’t resist and wrote this:

...the people at use computers, with keypads, that have the letters r-e-z-k-o on them, which just happened to spell the name of one of Obama’s disgraced former backers … and they were in Chicago to see the birth certificate at … Obama headquarters … CONNECT THE DOTS, PEOPLE!


Tony REZKO was at that time a convicted felon in the custody of the State and is now chief witness against impeached governor Rod Blagojevich, who tried to sell barry’s senate seat. The ignorance is stunning – and yet they have no problem writing things they know nothing about, while ridiculing folks who do. I bet he still has no idea who REZKO is or the fact that barry was named in his indictment or that barry had to give back $160K (received a total of $250K – after lying for over a year and saying all he got was $60-80K) and that some of the money given from charity allegedly came directly from the deal REZKO was convicted on .

MALCOLM reported again in Feb 2009 about Alan Keyes and still thought at that time it was called a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. I don’t know when exactly but in one of Malcolm’s subsequent posts – he finally got the name right.

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