eBay Kenyan birth certificate owner vs WND (Pt 4)

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September 2, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts

eBay (Lucas Smith) Kenyan Birth Certificate (video)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 1 video)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 2 & 3)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 5)

Enhanced eBay birth certificate video
Court Affidavit Lucas Smith
Court copy of eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate

Lucas Smith the eBay Kenyan birth certificate dude continues to debunk WND’s claims that the birth certificate is a fraud. He’s seated at a computer this time, taking screenshots and reading aloud. Even if he can prove WND’s wrong and everything on that piece of paper is consistent – he can’t prove it is authentic without a legitimate comparison and testimony of an outside entity looking at it. I still can’t past the way he had those kids lined up at the top of the stairs without an explanation as to why.

Google Books search being used to debunk Jerome Corsi World Net Daily

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