barry: “It was good to get a few props late in life”

September 4, 2009

barry’s May 2008 Q & A with Sports Illustrated’s AUSTIN MURPHY

SI: Most ex-jocks have a highlight reel in their head from their glory days. Do you have a couple “greatest hits” from your days with the Buff ‘n Blue?

BARRY: My senior year, when we won the state championship, there were a couple games where I think I was a difference maker. I remember my grandfather, who’d listened to the broadcast of the game, telling me that the big sports announcer, sort of the Howard Cosell of Hawaii, had said about me on television, ‘Boy, this kid can really play’.

It was good to get a few props late in life.

At 17?

The only time you hear about the typical white persons who raised him is when he needs them for a commercial, for healthcare, to bolster his standing with veterans, to illustrate how racist they were or to talk about himself through them.

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