Honolulu Advertiser Dec 2008: Kapiolani

September 5, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts

Another entry in “Name That Hospital!”

December 3, 2008 article in Honolulu Advertiser (birth notice hospital) by ROBBIE DINGEMAN:  “Obama childhood locales attracting more tourists“.

Folks are getting in on the action by giving barry tours. So far, each one I’ve tracked down has Kapiolani as barry’s “birthplace”.

According to DINGEMAN, Mitch Berger, the founder of Guides of O’ahu, has a 2 1/2-hour “Obama Tour” for a mere $40 per person. He’s actually been trying to put together factual info and said, “Verifying that the information we’re finding is correct is always a challenge.”

Wonder how he verified the hospital?

His tours swing by Noelani Elementary School, where Obama went to kindergarten. And past his birthplace, Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children. And to the University of Hawai’i, where his parents met.


08 kapiolani

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