Affidavit Lucas Smith (eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate)

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September 6, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts

Here’s the Court Declaration of the eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate owner – Lucas Smith. This boy had better be on the up and up or he’s going to be in some serious trouble. To him it may be real as it has an embossed seal and has the stamp, name, signature and email address of the hospital administrator. The hospital administrator, however, could be playing a ginormous hoax with or without the assist of barry’s minions.

This scribd document doesn’t have a copy of the birth certificate. Will provide in a different post HERE.

See updated list above for Smith’s videos refuting WND’s claim that it is a forgery. Here are the original and enhanced birth certificate videos..


6-I traveled to Kenya and Mombasa in particular with the intent to obtain the original birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama, as I was told previously that it was on file in the hospital and under seal, due to the fact that the prime minister of Kenya Raela Odinga is Barack Hussein Obama’s cousin.

7-I had to pay a cash “consideration” to a Kenyan military officer on duty to look the other way, while I obtained the copy of the birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama.

8-The copy was signed by the hospital administrator.

9-The copy contain [sic] the embossed seal.

10- The true and correct photocopy of the Birth certificate obtained, is attached to this affidavit as Exhibit A.

11-I declare, certify, verify, state and affirm under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing statements of facts and descriptions of circumstances and events are true and correct.

12-I have not received any compensation for making this affidavit.

Click top right for full screen.

View this document on Scribd


Courtesy of Jack Ryan

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