eBay Kenyan birth certificate owner vs WND Pt 5


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September 4, 2009

Updated birth certificate posts #2

If you’re not aware – Lucas Smith is the eBay birth certificate guy. He made his first video with shaky glimpses of the alleged Kenyan BC perpendicular to the camera. WND wrote an article outlining why it was a forgery. Smith countered. WND wrote another article on the 2nd to which this video is aimed.

eBay (Lucas Smith) Kenyan Birth Certificate (video)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 1 video)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 2 & 3)
Lucas Smith vs WND (Pt 4)

Enhanced eBay birth certificate video
Court Affidavit Lucas Smith
Court copy of eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate

Here’s what Smith wrote with his video:

You’ll see that WND continues to report that COAST PROVINCE GENERAL HOSPITAL did not exist in 1961. Corsi and Farah state in their article that, quote – Kenyan sources have questioned the use of “Coast Province” or “Coast Provincial” as a correct reference to the official name of the Mombasa general public hospital in 1961, because Mombasa was part of Zanzibar at that time.- end quote. So, as you can see, WND states that the hospital’s name in 1961 was Mombasa General Public Hospital. Well, there is a hospital in Mombasa that is named Mombasa Hospital. This hospital still operates today.

See their website, http://www.mombasahospital.com. However, this is obviously not Coast Province General Hospital. Corsi, what kind of investigative reporting is this? What are you doing over that WND? I still have some respect for you but, you are pushing it. Here’s a book that was written and published by the Kenyan government in 1956. Annual Report By Kenya. African Affairs Dept. You’ll find two references to COAST PROVINCE GENERAL HOSPITAL. Page 138 and 140. Again, this is an Annual Report issued in 1956, five years before Barack Obama’s birth. This is a government publication from Kenya, and you can see that they acknowledged the existence of the hospital..and they did it almost 55 years ago.

WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED? Tell your supposed Kenyan connection that LUCAS SMITH says Hello.

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