Inconsistency eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate

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September 6, 2009

eBay (Lucas Smith) Kenyan Birth Certificate (video)
Enhanced eBay birth certificate video
Court Affidavit Lucas Smith
Copy of eBay Kenyan Birth Certificate

Besides the width between shoulders, which is a measurement typically used for animals, the 8s in these dates don’t like right.

dates ebay

Forget the dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy format – Kenya does both – and look at the 8s.

[Check Wiki and see how a bot messed up Kenya. Problem is she couldn’t change the color of Kenya, which is purple – meaning both. Why would they bother changing something that’s a supposed fraud?]

Anyway – look at the 8s.

8-7-1961: the 7-1961 are slanted but the distinctive double ring 8 straight up and down. The 9 & 6 are ovals not round like the 8.

8-8-1961: the two 8s are different. The first has a double ring with the top ring bigger than the bottom and looks almost like a written over 3. The second 8 looks like a single motion 8 with the bottom bigger than the top. There are two 8s side by side and all four circles of the 8s are different.

Both first 8s look like were not written by the person who wrote the rest of the numbers.

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