Taitz’s Keyes v Obama hearing tomorrow (9-8)

September 7, 2009

Updated birth certificate post
barry’s motion to dismiss (9-4)
Rundown of Taitz hearing
Orly Taitz post-court interview (Pt 1)
Orly Taitz post-court interview (Pt 2)
Orly Taitz post-court interview (Pt 3)
Orly Taitz post-court interview (Pt 4)

Yes, claire1978, Orly Taitz is proceeding in California.

The Keyes v Obama hearing is tomorrow in California [Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse at 411 in Santa Ana, CA in Rm. 211, 8am] before Judge David O Carter, who said there would be no dismissal based on procedural issues. Lord knows Taitz has already had her problems with it. The potential payoff is great, but I can’t see how they are going to get around the issue of “standing”, which has been the limiting factor in all the other cases. I truly can’t see this ever getting to discovery. Bringing in an expert to testify that that COLB is a forgery is a stretch. And then there’s all that craziness with the first Kenyan birth certificate. Not sure how the fact that the Obama v Obama divorce papers missing a page in a slot feasible for barry’s birth certificate – to prove he really was a child of that union – is going to help. Holding back the birth certificate could fall under HIPAA laws again. And somehow I don’t think Lucas Smith’s birth certificate is going to go anywhere.

Though one wonders why barry has 4 Department of Justice lawyers defending him now.

One Response to “Taitz’s Keyes v Obama hearing tomorrow (9-8)”

  1. mattie14 Says:

    Hi Roni.

    Thanks again for the links.

    Justin Riggs (yourfellowcitizen.com) broke that story back in january 2009. He proved that Hawaii got a different one from the other states because of a requirement it looks like from the HI Democratic Party that it the certification of nomination form contain an Constitutional eligibility clause.

    So not all 50 states got the same ones. At least one – Hawaii – got a different one.

    It would make no sense to have two different forms if only one is going to be used and they are the ones governing themselves.

    If you come back – you should let them know and refer them to YFC.com to see the evidence.

    We have a post that documents JRiggs letter writing discoveries and it includes a SCRIBD copy of the HAWAII letter with the extra constitutional clause that you can see for yourself.

    Still trying to figure out why nobody would listen to him when all they had to do is look at the forms themselves.


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