“Top Dogs and Their Pets” – Capt Sully & Twinkle

September 8, 2009

Flight 1549 posts

Lori & Captain Sullenberger and the family dog “Twinkle”. Somehow I expected it to have any aviation related name and I’m not sure it looks like a “Twinkle”.


From You Tube:

US Airways pilot Sully Sullenberger is featured in upcoming photography book, “Top Dogs and Their Pets” by two time Pulitzer finalist photographer David Woo.

Sully and about 90 other “Top Dogs” were featured in the book. “Top Dogs and Their Pets” is a star-studded collection of musicians, actors, broadcast personalities, athletes, politicians, thought leaders and business leaders posing for candid shots with their own beloved pet. Include in the book is winner Dr. Alfred Gillman, actor Owen Wilson, Texas Rangers President Nolan Ryan, television personality, Dr. Phil, retired Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jimmy Johnson, former Secretary of State, James Baker, and two Past United States Presidents, to name a few.

See more video’s, learn about the book, and order the book go to http://www.TopDogsPets.com
Portions of the proceeds from Top Dogs and Their Pets will go directly to the Cesar & Ilusion Millan Foundation, which offers financial support and rehabilitation expertise to pet shelters and rescue organizations throughout the United States.

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