Cosmic Karma for Fr Jenkins & Notre Dame

September 17, 2009

Fr Weslin/Fr Jenkins/Notre Dame posts

Cosmic Karma for Notre Dame and Fr Jenkins?

A woman working for Notre Dame in catering capacity was tipped $29,387.00…or so she thought.

On April 17, 2009, she received the payment and “thought finally something wonderful had happened”. But being a good citizen in touch with reality she allegedly called the ND catering office – not once, not twice, but thrice – and got no response….until June when they sent her a threatening letter.

Imagine the shock. Two months passed, bills paid off, a car bought and suddenly ND wants their money back because of a typing error. The tip was meant to be $29.87.

Between the windfall and the threatening letter, there was a commencement ceremony. A commencement ceremony to which a man with the most radical view on abortion was invited.

A distinguished law professor and former Ambassador to the Holy See (for Bush) was also invited to the commencement – four months prior to barry. Professor Mary Ann Glendon was to receive the highest honor an American Catholic can receive: the ND Laetare Medal. But she could not in good conscience attend because of barry’s view on abortion, so barry got his award (an award that a non-Catholic Univesity – ASU said he didn’t deserve), Professor Glendon got nothing and the Laetare Medal was for the first time not awarded.

But Professor Glendon wasn’t the only casualty. A Catholic priest, Fr Weslin, who actually believes in the sanctity of life – the Catholic Church’s most basic Teaching, attempted to peacefully protest barry’s presence. But Fr Jenkins wouldn’t allow it. He ordered that any and all persons be arrested who trespassed on university property.

Surely a Catholic priest protesting aborting is welcome on a Catholic University run by a Catholic priest?


Courtesy of Fr Jenkins, University of Notre Dame

Courtesy of Fr Jenkins, University of Notre Dame

Fr Weslin was arrested, handcuffed behind his back, manhandled and then laid out on a fabric stretcher while spectators and professional camera men and photographers took pix of him like he was zoo exhibit. (video)

made necessary by barry's ego

made necessary by barry's ego

A full minute he laid there, his head unsupported, his hands cinched tightly behind his back, propped up on his side by an impersonal booted leg and the blue fabric held up to his mouth as he tried to sing to Our Lady aka Notre Dame. Partially through that minute, Fr Weslin, a 20 year military veteran, yelled “Land of Freedom!”, a spectator said “Wow, I can’t believe I am seeing this” and then cameras and cellphones stopped clicking.

Fr Weslin handcuffed


Not a single person spoke up – not even a pastor who was there. The coward waited until they were about to haul Fr Weslin off like an incontinent Saturday night drunk in need of restraint, knowing that it was his last chance to get on camera. He asked if he could say a prayer for Fr Weslin. He was to have protested as well but decided at the last minute not to.

So they hauled Fr Weslin off in the fabric stretcher, his head still unsupported, his hands still handcuffed behind his back being jostled and pinched by the handles on the stretcher, even though he never resisted and the police officer in charge knew that he had had both arms broken other police officers in the past.

The officer knew who Fr Weslin was, knew he was coming, knew he had injuries to his arms that would be made worse with behind the back handcuffs and yet he completely disrespected and humiliated a 78 y/o man who was singing Immaculate Mary, Your praise we sing…

Fr Jenkins also knew Fr Weslin would be there and made no provisions for a wheel chair or golf cart and did not tell the officers not to handcuff him. Fr Jenkins was hauled off to jail along with 18 other Catholics, charged and placed in the cell. Some were able to post bond, some were not, one asking that his bail be reduced from $250 to $200 because that was all he had in his bank acount and two refused, choosing instead to stay in jail until their court date – over two weeks later.

The police complained about the $66 it took to house and feed them but did not release the two men.

The following day, Fr Weslin was again arrested – though this time he was treated respectfully and was carried off in less than a minute. (video)

Meanwhile, the non-Catholic, who had spent 2 decades in a hate-filled church, who believes that medical treatment should be withheld from any and all fetuses who happened to survive his/her attempted murder and who has vowed never to make abortion illegal,  joyfully received his honorary award.

The sequelae?

Everyone who was arrested was charged and are awaiting trial and sentencing even though none of them had been violent or resisted.

Did Fr Jenkins intercede on their behalf?

No. He said he was not interested in dialoguing (what he praised barry for and said was the reason he invited barry) and had no intention of dropping the charges.

So what does this have to do with the woman who thought she hit the jackpot?

It was about the time of the arrests that ND discovered their error.

Because Fr Jenkins wouldn’t let Fr Weslin peacefully protest in a faraway corner of the campus, extra police were needed to guard barry from the peaceful, singing protesters and to arrest the protesters and to transport the protesters and to process the protesters…

The grand total was estimated to be close to $50K a percentage of that ND was allegedly going to pay.

Most of the money not necessary…perhaps $29,870 of it?

And now they are trying to recoup their loss. There is no way they can make her pay it back after two months, especially if she can prove that she made those calls.

To me that is Cosmic Karma.

Perhaps Fr Jenkins might think about absolving his fellow Catholics of their “sins” and give them penance instead of costing the court more money.

A Catholic priest, who is President of a Catholic University is allowing his fellow Catholics be tried in court for taking one step on to a Catholic University’s campus with the intent of peacefully protesting abortion.

So much for turning the other cheek and doing unto others and being your brother’s keeper…

ND filed a lawsuit in the same court Fr Weslin was processed in, alleging that the woman did not notify the school about the error, and instead spent the money knowing it wasn’t hers. And how was she to know that?

She is accused of unjust enrichment, fraud and conversion – court date unknown.

Fr Weslin’s was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest – court date October 1st.

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