KHNL-8 TV: Kapiolani

September 19, 2009

birth certificate posts
Rep Neil Abercrombie reads Kapiolani letter
Why no barry birthday bash at Kapiolani?

January 25, 2009

Hawaii’s KHNL-8 TV 10PM news states barry was born at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children.

DIANE AKO reporting on Kapiolani’s Centennial Dinner (Bottom video)

Even President Barack Obama was helped by them – he was born there.

And on this big night, he passed on a message to a crowd of hundreds through Representative Neil Abercrombie.

ABERCROMBIE reads part of the message (0:50) but not the important phrase.

Top video (2:10)

REP NEIL ABERCROMBIE says two things: 1) it’s the first message sent anywhere (Gibbs should remember) and 2) that’s it’s barry’s birthplace.

This is the first message to be sent from the Oval Office from President Barack Obama anywhere in the country.

As a beneficiary of the excellence of Kapiolani Medical Center, after all, the place of my birth...

Picture 1

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