Rep Neil Abercrombie reads Kapiolani letter

September 19, 2009

birth certificate posts
KHNL-8 TV: Kapiolani
Why no barry birthday bash at Kapiolani?

I can’t recall who wanted this and whether you had the pictures and needed an explanation or vice versa. I was looking for something else in the drafts from Abercrombie and found them. It’s from his official website and it’s what started that whole barry was born at Kapi’olani, who said when the letter was discovered: we’re not commenting, we can’t comment, we didn’t want to put up a real letter so we put one together, we took it down because we were being harassed (it came down with in 2 hours), it’s an official letter that we have displayed somewhere in the hospital, Snopes suddenly changed from Queens to Kapiolani, UPI changed their Nov 4th 2008 article from Queens to Kapiolani (even though nothing new came to light) and of course barrypedia changes at will.

I think Kapiolani settled with: they know it came from barry, they have the original, they don’t want anything to happen to it and a copy is on display in the hospital somewhere.

So why did they take it down from the website?

Abercrombie mentions it on his website, there’s copies all over the internet and they left up the videos where he’s reading it meaning the problem lies in the image….sound familiar?

And why hasn’t someone gone to the hospital and taken a picture of it and published it somewhere?

Maybe they have. I don’t know what the latest and I know that never got posted. If there’s something specific you want. I’ll dig it out of the drafts. I found what I was looking for and thought I’d add the letter and video etc. For a comparison and evolution of the letter/letterheads/seal go to WND.

It’s funny to read these old drafts…all the lies that have come and gone…

Note that barry doesn’t do anything without fanfare unless it’s not kosher. (Like sneaking in to meet with the Supremes when his case was on the docket) There was no official WH letters or statements or remarks from Jan 20-24 concerning Kapiolani and the letter was supposedly on authentic WH stationery with President Obama. His WH press secretary Gibbs didn’t know what Lester was talking about. Four days in he should remember what was spent in official capacity – even not posted on the WH site.

So, 1) barry actually sent it and was either a) lying or b) not lying as to whether that was the place of his birth.

Or, 2) Kapiolani and/or Abercrombie made the damn thing up to push for donations. Which they could be prosecuted for which could explain why they really took it down.

Note the hospital was so “harassed” they made sure to remove it from a pdf Spring Bulletin that you couldn’t access from the site anymore. And there were at least two different copies of the letter that evolved. I don’t know HTML – but it was clear visually.

Sound familiar?

He should tell his document folks to get the forgery right the first time!

And ask yourself how long WND actually knew it was there?

Neil’s Notebook
Delivering President Obama’s message
January 24, 2009

Neil read, what is believed to be, one of the first official messages of congratulations from President Barack Obama, in which he acknowledged the 100th anniversary for pediatric care at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children.

The President’s message recognizes the center’s service to generations with distinction: 62,000 kids per year, including the President himself.

Settling the question once and for all, he states that Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children “is the place of my birth. Hawaii has always been home to me.”

More than 700 community leaders and supporters gathered at the Hawaii Convention Center Saturday (1/24/09) to celebrate the anniversary.

abercrombie 1-24


What he says is not how the letter reads (from the newsletter)

kapiolani letter 1

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