Why no barry birthday bash at Kapiolani?

September 21, 2009

Birth certificate posts
KHNL-8 TV: Kapiolani
Rep Neil Abercrombie reads Kapiolani letter

The other day I found an old post in the drafts and posted it. It had to do with Rep Neil Abercrombie reading that Kapiolani letter at the Kapiolani Centennial Dinner that subsequently disappeared off their website and which Gibbs pretended to know nothing about.

But it was something on Abercrombie’s website that struck me.

neil settle once for all

Once and for all?

That means there had always been a question — even at the hospital — and that it wasn’t settled “once and for all” until after the Inauguration.

If he was really born there they should have said something like: Finally! We’ve been hoping barry would say something so we could brag about it.

And look! this is the exact placed he erupted from the womb, the exact place of his fist burp, here are the pictures of the doctors and nurses who birthed him. Here’s the hospital bill we dug up from the same drawer the birth notices were in.

Here’s the picture of the delivery room like it once appeared and the one we’ve recreated to look just like it!

We’ve invited Dr X and Nurse Y who are in their 80’s to say what happened back then and described what barry would have gone through. We found the janitor who mopped up the delivery room. The intern who was pulled away from dinner or a nap or another patient to deliver the obamessiah.

The one woman who is known to have been in that hospital in the maternity ward on the day barry was born never saw barry’s mother. And the chances of that? Especially if that woman bore twins who later went to school with barry?

Just like always with barry – it’s not what you see – it’s what you don’t. It’s not what’s there – it’s what isn’t.

barry writes a letter saying Kapiolani was his birthplace and they have yet to do anything to recreate it or do anything publicly?

And on barry’s – the Hawaii born President of the United States’ birthday nothing was done?

No fundraising luncheon, picnic, black tie event, write up on their website/newsletter or decoration of the maternity ward?

No dedication of the Barack Obama Birthing Room or the Presidential Maternity Suite?

No lottery for the baby born on August 4th closest to 7:24 pm?

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