Kerchner v Obama & Congress

September 23, 2009

birth certificate posts

Hey Kyle.

Yeah. I don’t know if Citizen Riggs got any of those documents. He said he was working with other sources or whatever and wasn’t working off his YFC site anymore. I don’t have time to go out exploring or emailing folks. I’m the last citizen left here. I asked him a bunch of questions so I don’t imagine he’ll answer. I wanted to at least know what states those 2000/2004 forms came from. I cannot fathom why he just quit on that Hawaii form – especially in light of that Arizona form barry signed. [Have to find it and post.] I must be missing something because it is so straightforward to get to Pelosi and Hawaii and figure out the deal.

Anyway. Here’s the Kerchner v Obama & Congress case. We never covered Kerchner so I’d like to read it too. 87 pages is a lot at a time but it’s a pleasure to read compared to Taitz and Berg and even some of Donofrio’s. It’s logical and maintains a lawyer voice as far as I’ve read and talks about something new: amendments.

I’m beginning to wonder what else is floating around that is going unpursued. The mystery is not going to be won in court by a citizen – military or otherwise. It is going to be solved by proving that COLB illegitimate necessitating the release of his Hawaii “vital records”.

Clck top right for full screen


View this document on Scribd


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