Anti-birther HEIDI BEIRICH: “spread by right-wing nuts who are bizarre human beings”

September 24, 2009

birth certificate posts

Source: Concord Monitor’s SHIRA SCHOENBERG:

Here’s HEIDI BEIRICH, from the Southern Poverty Law Center (which tracks extremist groups) talking about birthers. Take careful note of what she is so positive she knows. Hint: Nothing.

Know that she is the director of research at the SPLC.

HEIDI BEIRICH: It’s a completely bogus claim. It’s been disproven by every reputable news organization in the country.

Every reputable…? Are there any in regards to the birth certifcate issue? If so, please name it. And please name the proof, starting with the hospital barry was born in.

HEIDI BEIRICH: A quick internet search turns up a copy of Obama’s birth certificate online. Not to mention there was a birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper.

What do you think her own research is worth?

HEIDI BEIRICH: The birthers are so ludicrous that for their conspiracy to function, someone needed to plant a news item 40 years ago in anticipation of someone becoming president.

What do those notices prove?

They state a son was born to Mr and Mrs Barack H Obama. Period. They are not proof positive of anything.  There is no provenance. There is no one alive who can say how they got there. There is no one who can refute the possibility that grandmother Dunham called it in from a home birth or from Africa or from Mars. Just because there are two does not mean one corroborates the other. It just means two sets of the same words were placed in separate newspapers. One does not inherently prove the other more true. And it has nothing to do with him becoming president. It has to do with him just being a citizen. There is no leap of logic that means just because they were placed means they had to foresee he would one day be president.

And as far as the address – barry’s grandparents were said to have lived there. barry’s father maintained his own living space near the University and miles from that little yellow house and there is no evidence that barry sr and barry’s mom ever cohabitated.

And Ms Beirich is director of research and able to ridicule birthers and call things ludicrous when she doesn’t even know how old barry is? That they were placed 40 years ago in 1961?

Have these folks no shame?

And then this:

HEIDI BEIRICH: It was being spread by right-wing nuts who are bizarre human beings.

Listen to it this way: It was being spread by left wing blacks who are bizarre human beings…independent Muslims who are bizarre human beings. How is what she is saying any different than the inflammatory hate speech she is supposed to be researching?

The words may not be extreme and the folks they are directed at may be acceptable targets because they’re white – but the intent is the same – generalizing to a group and ascribing a negative stereotype to them and done in a belittling manner.

Do you think she has met any of these wing nuts who are bizarre human beings?

What exactly makes them bizarre?

Do you think there is a single one who doesn’t know his exact age and that it is not 40.

And if she doesn’t even know how old he is or able to count from 2009 to 1961, what are the chances she knows anything about him?

And here Ms Beinrich sums up her knowledge of the issue.

HEIDI BEIRICH: If you’re born in the U.S., you’re a U.S. citizen. Obama was born in the U.S. He’s a U.S. citizen, as much as they wish he wasn’t.

First the issue is not whether he was born on the US – but rather is he a Natural Born Citizen. All she says is US citizen. He could have been born in Hawaii and still not be eligible if he gave up his citizenship.And as of yet no one can name his actual physical birthplace and until they do he has not been proven to have born in Hawaii.

Second, she automatically assumes that if they have questions it’s because they wish he wasn’t born in the US. She doesn’t get that folks just want him to be transparent like he proclaims and prove he IS eligible. And it doesn’t mean that when and if he does and he is eligible that they will wish he wasn’t.


1-Disproven by every reputable newsagency in the c0untry. (No)

2-His BIRTH CERTIFICATE is online. (No)

3-He’s 40. (48)

4-He was born in the US. (No one can name physical place of birth)

5-He’s a US citizen. (Needs to be a NBC)

6-Right wing nutjobs are bizarre human beings. (Alleged civil rights worker}

How much does HEIDI BEIRICH know?

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